Congratulations to Our Latest Six-Figure Ring Earner of 2020, Madhab Dulal!

Madhab Dulal

Congratulations on becoming a Six-Figure Ring Earner!

Ring Earner September 2020

I came to Canada in 2008 from Nepal for better opportunities but ended with the warehouse. I was making around $55K from my job. My supervisor used to make $63K and My Manager used to make $70K. So, I had a vision to make 70K one day because that is all I had seen there. 

One day someone introduced me to the financial industry and showed me the vision of being financially freedom and owning my own business. 

Also, I am doing so much volunteering in my community and raised funds so many times for the people who suffered critically ill or died. I felt that our community members need to know more about protection in case unforeseen events happen so that I do not raise the money for them again. 

Once I understood the industry, I did not find that my previous company was the best platform for me. My values and companies’ values did not align. So, I came to Experior last year May/June and Promoted to ED in Aug.

Here I am today. And I have a vision to take myself and my company Experior to the next level by helping lots of families. 

Thank You

Madhab Dulal

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