Executive Directors Promotion, Vinod & Hema!

Executive Directors Vinod Nair and Hema Vinod

Congratulations Vinod Nair and Hema Vinod! You are now Executive Directors and Company Shareholders!

As of May 2021, Vinod Nair and his wife Hema Vinod have earned the promotion to Executive Directors with Experior Financial Group. Alongside this promotion comes shares in the company! Vinod and Hema have worked hard to reach their goals and have created a great team of associates who will be assisting people to reach their financial needs and goals! It is important work and they are making a big impact on helping to change people’s lives for the better.

When we asked how Vinod felt about their Executive Directors promotion he said, “We rise by lifting others with the wings of Experior!!!!

What a great quote Vinod and Hema. Thanks for these inspiring words! We hope by sharing this promotion with our team it will help to inspire others to reach their Executive Directors promotion and company shareholder. Your hard work and positive attitude are paying off for you! We can’t wait to see your team continue to grow and flourish under your leadership!

We wish you even more success from all of us at Experior Financial Group headquarters!

Interesting in becoming Executive Directors and company Shareholders with Experior Financial Group Inc? Experior is the fastest-growing MGA in Canada, with recent expansion into the USA. We offer world-class sales technology and support. Opportunities for advancement and promotions! Own your book of business from day one and develop a business that can be passed on to future generations. Ask about our Legacy plan. Our Associates receive hands-on experience working with the top leaders at Experior Financial Group. Please visit our amazing Careers page to find out more.

Visit our Facebook page to congratulate both Vinod and Hema on this promotion to Executive Director and company shareholder!

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