Aman & Harman Dhaliwal are our Newest Ring Earners!

Congratulations on becoming a ring earner, Aman & Harman Dhaliwal! We are pleased to announce your achievement with Experior Financial Group.

Promotional image featuring Aman and Harman Dhaliwal

Congratulations to Aman & Harman Dhaliwal, our newest Ring Earners of December 2022!

Aman and Harman Dhaliwal, both Executive Directors at Experior, have reached a significant professional milestone! Aman and Harman were born and raised in India, moving to Calgary in 2005. Prior to joining the financial services industry, Aman was an accountant. The couple joined forces in the industry when Harman quit his trucking career and came to join Aman at Experior. The power couple now works together, building their legacy and striving for new goals. Their current goal is to become Senior Executive Directors in 2023. Aman and Harman Dhaliwal are showing the Experior Nation what the results of hard work and dedication can be.

Questions Experior Financial Group asked Aman & Harman Dhaliwal:

We asked Aman & Harman Dhaliwal how it feels to have achieved this milestone, and the Executive Directors said,

“We feel amazing, but this is just a start.”

We then asked Aman & Harman, what made them choose Experior Our newest Ring Earners said,

“When I first joined Experior prior to Harman’s joining, I was just looking for a new company, and I had moved. Now we are both with Experior and are very glad that we joined, we are so proud that we are part of the Experior family, and we are growing with Experior.

Here at Experior Financial Group, we are overjoyed that you have both decided to join Experior, and we are confident that you provide excellent service to your customers. We wish you and your business continued success as you seek to achieve your long-term goals.

Why Experior?

If Aman and Harman’s story resonates strongly with you and you want to learn about creating your own legacy, check out Experior Financial Group! We have the tools and training to ensure that the best financial services are provided to you and your clients.

Experior is still the fastest-growing MGA in Canada and has expanded into the USA. Experior gives you access to our leadership team, world-class training and support, and proprietary software that will help you and your clients make the most of their finances.

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