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Amar Mundi, Newest Ring Earner!

Amar Mundi, Newest Ring Earner!

Amar Mundi Newest Ring Earner

Congratulations to Amar Mundi, our newest Ring Earner of November 2022!

Amar Mundi, Executive Director at Experior, has reached a great career milestone with Experior Financial Group Inc.! Amar moved to Canada in 2013, he was born in India but also lived in Australia for a few years. He is married to his wife Sonia and has 2 children who continue to support him and help make his goals achievable. Since joining Experior, Amar is working towards his goals of helping each and every family in his community attain the financial knowledge they need so they can reach financial freedom. While reaching his goals he will continue to build a legacy for his family. Amar looks up to Senior Executive Director, Madhab Dulal in this industry and is now becoming a role model himself for many at Experior.

Questions Experior Financial Group asked Amar Mundi:

We asked Amar Mundi how it feels to have achieved this milestone, the Executive Director said,

“It’s just the beginning… until last year before joining the Financial Industry, I never dreamt of having achieved $100K sitting in my bank account, but after joining Experior and being there for a little over a year now I can see myself becoming a millionaire in my future, which I actually have a plan that worked for others here. When you are doing the right thing, anything is possible and achievable.”

We asked Amar Mundi Why Experior? Our newest Ring Earner said,

“Experior is a unique platform across the Financial Industry that is making a huge impact with all the positivity and high on ethics. And it resonated with my ideology of being a big support to the community.”

When we asked Amar how his life changed because of his success with Experior, he said,

“It has boosted more confidence in me and my wife. Goals have gone bigger. 250K+ seems achievable.”

We then asked Amar if he had any advice for anyone new to Experior, he said,

“Before anything, one needs to believe in themselves that they are able to do charity, but remember charity begins at home meaning we need to learn and implement it in our lives (financial freedom) and then should go back to our community to share the same idea so as to make sure, no one retires broke, and each generation is smart enough to become millionaires. Which I would say is achievable if done in the rightful manner and of course in a timely way. This is the best Industry to work in especially with EXPERIOR, where when you do charity, it does pays off for sure.”

Thank you for all the inspiring words, Amar! You are definitely on a path to create your legacy! We look forward to seeing what your future brings!

Why Experior?

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