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Amar Mundi, Promoted to Executive Director!

Amar Mundi, Promoted to Executive Director!

Amar Mundi Executive Director

We are proud to announce that Amar Mundi is our newest Executive Director for May 2022!

A few words from Amar Mundi;

“My family and I moved to Canada from Australia in 2013. Soon I got a job in Wealth Management, later my wife Sonia joined one of the banks. While raising our 2 beautiful kids Aadeeb and Samya, we have been trained on how to work hard, make money and make our employers richer with our dedication. My good friend Madhab who worked with me in Walmart and had already joined Experior in 2019, met with me yet once again and explained the Financial Industry from a different perspective which motivated me to come on board. Working part-time in 2021, I started tasting success quite early which left me with no choice but to go full time, and here’s the result of that commitment.”

We’re so glad Madhab found you, Amar! Your success with Experior is such great news.

Amar Mundi was asked for a few comments about how it feels about becoming our most recent Experior Executive Director, and he responded;

“One thing that Experior has shown us is that we need to do hard work for ourselves and how we don’t need to work for money but rather let it work for us. This message would be incomplete without showing my gratitude to Mr. Baljit Parmar. Not to miss all the support from the back-office team and of course my TEAM: Team Infiniti. Each one of them is a gem of a person. They are super dedicated and ready to make a big impression in Financial World.

And lastly Jamie and Lee-Ann for creating this Platform called Experior, where in reality, dreams do come true.

Thanks to all the leaders for motivating us each and every day of our life showing us the true limit, that Sky is the limit.”

Thank you for inspiring so many of our Associates Amar! We are so glad to have you at Experior Financial Group and wish you all the best in achieving even more milestones!

If you’re inspired by the success of Amar Mundi and are interested in finding out more about a career in financial services, please visit our website. Experior offers training that is unmatched in our industry, as well as real-time access to top leaders at the company. Furthermore, Experior provides lots of opportunities for advancement within the company. Overrides on all products for agency builders and promotions based on personal and team production. Our goal is to help you grow your agency by providing you with all of the tools, information, and technology that you need. We have over 26 Insurance/Investment partners and you’ll get insight from experts in the industry, as well as exclusive contests for prizes.

Visit our Instagram page to congratulate Amar Mundi on his amazing success of becoming Experior’s newest Senior Executive Director and company shareholder!


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