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Arun Bhandari, Promotion to Executive Director!

Arun Bhandari, Promotion to Executive Director!

Arun Bhandari

Congratulations Arun Bhandari! You are our newest Executive Director at Experior Financial Group!

October 2021

We’re so excited to share the accomplishment of this hard working gentleman! Arun Bhandari has achieved the promotion of Executive Director! Arun is located in the Calgary, Alberta area and from Team Dynamic. We’re sure the entire team will be happy to hear this news! We were very excited to learn about it.

Arun Bhandari was asked for a few comments about how he feels about becoming our most recent Experior Executive Director, and he responded;

“I am so excited upon my promotion. I feel highly privileged that my promotion was announced by Jamie and Lee-Ann Prickett at our Calgary office. It’s the Experior system in place, guidance of uplines and faith shown by my teammates in me. I am committed to work hard and take my business to the next level.”

Thank you Arun! We appreciate your hard work and dedication. We’re looking forward to seeing you reach shareholder status next! We know Jamie and Lee-Ann were so pleased to be able to make that announcement in Calgary and they are looking forward to more great promotions coming out of Alberta.

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Visit our Instagram page to congratulate Arun Bhandari on his amazing success of becoming Experior’s newest Executive Director!


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