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Ayodeji Adeyemo Promoted to Senior Executive Director!

Ayodeji Adeyemo Promoted to Senior Executive Director!

Congratulations to Ayodeji Adeyemo for being promoted to Senior Executive Director at Experior!
Ayodeji Adeyemo promoted to Senior Executive Director!

We are proud to announce that Ayodeji Adeyemo is the newest Senior Executive Director at Experior Financial Group as of March 2023!

Ayodeji Adeyemo, based in Ontario Canada, has achieved yet another significant professional milestone by becoming a Senior Executive Director at Experior Financial Group. In his 4 years with the company, Ayodeji has serviced over 200 clients, with even more within his hierarchy, showcasing his dedication to his work. He continues to be a role model for his team and other Associates, demonstrating his commitment to success. Experior Financial Group is proud of Ayodeji’s success and looks forward to more.

We asked our newest SED for a few comments about how it feels to reach this milestone; he said,

“The very first thing to do is to appreciate God almighty for his blessings and the enablement of life. To all my teammates I want to say a big thank to you all for your constant support (both teams in Canada and USA). All goals are achievable for a willing mind and this is my favourite quote that keeps me going on daily basis, my personality lies in my faith in God and ability to help everyone around me. The opportunity at Experior Financial Group has helped me to put smiles on so many families’ faces. This involves my clients and also my teammates because lots of lives has been touched since I commenced on this journey.

He was asked to share any advice he has to help other Associates succeed, he said,

“I joined this prestigious organization in December 2018. I will say I had no experience whatsoever in financial services but I was licensed from my previous company (around 4 months before moving to Experior). I have been with Experior for 4 years plus now and we have been able to produce 3 Executive Directors and 2 of them are 6 figure income earners and the major advice here is that if I can do it, what’s stopping anyone with a willing mind from doing this and more. Please note that the ground is crowded and only the bold get to fight for the space at the top. Seek help from everyone that matters in your journey of life, I mean your mentors and make sure to stay accountable to them. Remember no one can stop a willing mind and a determined individual is not a person to joke with.

Get clarity around your goals, write it down, make it simple and set a time frame to achieve them. Meditate daily and get your priority right.

Ayodeji, we’re thrilled to hear such inspiring words! We truly appreciate your dedication and hard work at Experior Financial Group.

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