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Brandon Merwin, Newest Ring Earner!

Brandon Merwin, Newest Ring Earner!

Brandon Merwin

Congratulations to Brandon Merwin our newest Six-Figure Ring Earner of February 2022!

We’re excited to announce that Brandon Merwin has become a Six-Figure Ring Earner. He’s achieved an important milestone within Experior!

Brandon is an extremely hard worker who continues to work full-time at Cosco Wholesale for the last 15 years. He also works as a personal assistant for a couple of clients and does Income Tax preparation. On top of that, he manages an Air BNB rental property and a long-term rental property yet has still been able to make over $100,000 with Experior Financial Group.

Brandon is originally from Dawson Creek but moved to Kelowna, BC when he was 5. His Mentors are Esther Merwin and Kevin & Pam Purnell. He is single and enjoys a calm, peaceful life, and making enough to enjoy the world around him.

Questions Experior Financial Group asked Brandon Merwin:

The Experior Marketing Team asked how has his life changed because of having success with Experior, he said, “My life hasn’t really changed from the change. But it has been a good transition and enjoys the company as I get to know it better.”

We asked Brandon Merwin if he could share any advice for other Experior Associates? Our newest ring earner said,

“Some advice would be, don’t compromise and if you need to keep two jobs to get going so you can maintain that standard of work then do it.”

Thank you so much, Brandon! We can see you have a lot on your plate keeping you busy and we are encouraged by your success with Experior. Keep up the great work!

Why Experior?

If you are inspired by Brandon Merwin’s success and are looking for a change, check out Experior Financial Group!

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