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Connie Edwards, Newest Ring Earner!

Connie Edwards, Newest Ring Earner!

Congratulations on becoming a Ring Earner Connie Edwards! We are pleased to announce your achievement with Experior Financial Group.

Congratulations to Connie Edwards, our newest Ring Earner of March 2023!

Senior Manager, Connie Edwards at Experior Financial Group, has reached a wonderful career milestone with the company! Connie grew up in a small town in Alberta called Carbon. She currently resides in Hussar, AB. Connie lost her High School Math teaching position in June 2020 due to cutbacks with COVID and the fact that her contract was part-time. To start a new chapter, Connie joined Experior and moved off the acreage her kids grew up on in August 2020, just as she was finishing her provincial exams and getting licensed. After reading the CEO’s book, You Can’t Fall off the Floor, I was impressed by the strong people in Experior who fought against the odds to become successful. She called them “Experior misfits.” She is proud to have found success and has now joined the ranks of the “Experior misfits”.

Connie is a mother to 4 beautiful children between the ages of 19-24. Together with her kids, Connie is also actively involved in the family farm, SMRT Livestock.

With Connie’s passion and dedication to her business, she proudly works towards building a legacy for her family. Since starting with Experior, Connie continues to show her team what it takes to reach your personal goals and high potential at Experior Financial Group.

We asked Connie Edwards how it feels to have achieved this milestone, and she said,

“It’s a bit of shock. I came into this industry with no background or knowledge… and not young either.  Ha ha! Many would consider me crazy to have changed my career at my age.”

We asked Connie Edwards Why Experior? Our newest Ring Earner said,

“I chose Experior because Kaitrin Beddie cared enough to give me a hug in a coffee shop and shared with me my pension options which has changed my life. I wouldn’t say that I chose Experior, but that Experior chose me. Not being in the financial industry prior to Experior, my coming to Experior was purely based on the relationships that developed with Kaitrin Beddie and Ryan Tongs. I consider myself fortunate that not only were they amazing people, but that they also were with a great company. Experior is not about the company but about the lives within the company that truly care for those around them.”

Connie was asked what her goals were for the future and what was her Why? She responded,

“I am a survivor and failure is not an option. Left without a job, a home, and 4 kids watching and counting on me; I had to prove to them and myself that we were going to make it. My daughter’s constant reminder to me was “Mom; we are not just surviving; we are thriving.” To many, this may not have looked like thriving, but to us, we were all working together, and in our minds, we were and still are thriving.

I have 4 very precious “Whys”. Circumstances are just a roadblock if they are allowed to be a roadblock.  My kids need to be given a chance to fly; they are amazing kids and deserve nothing less. They need to see their Mom growing and thriving, so they can also be brave enough to grow and become who they need to be in this world.”

When we asked Connie how her life changed because of her success with Experior, she said,

“I have definitely learnt my value. I was a great teacher and knew it, but being part time definitely is a career sacrifice in the teaching realm. There have been many times that I have had principals say to me that they want to keep me on staff but can’t with cutbacks and me not having a permanent contract… I was always first on the chopping block no matter how good of a teacher I was. I felt frustrated that no one would stand up for my “value” that I was giving to their students and school. Finally at age 47, I was tired of playing the game to give and not have anyone fight for me… I am no longer 20 years old and willing to just teach anything necessary to get a job. In this industry, financial services, no one is defining my value or limiting it – and I love that! I no longer want to give anyone control to put my value in a box. I have not taught in the regular classroom for 2 ½ years, and have not even been on the sub list… out of the blue, January 2023 the superintendents office called me to see if I would consider a position. Too bad for them as they didn’t value me when they had the chance.

Not being limited for income is also an important part that I find liberating. Yes, I don’t have a regular income that I can count on monthly, however, I love the correlation that the more I work, the more I get paid. It didn’t matter how great of a teacher I was, my income value was capped. I will tell you that me and the kids made a decision to step out of our comfort zone to try to move our farm forward at the end of 2022. We bought a heifer, as a future investment, for the same amount that my entire income was from Experior in 2022… and then I went to work to pay for it!”

Connie Edwards was asked if she had any advice for anyone new to Experior, she said,

“I feel that my success in this industry has come from my heart for helping others. Once I had learned important information that others need to know, I became passionate about sharing it with others to help them find success in their financial journeys. How amazing that we have the opportunity to help our own families by helping others… it’s a win-win!!!”

Way to go Connie! We’re proud to see your passion and growth within Experior! We look forward to seeing what your future brings!

Why Experior?

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