Darren & Stephanie Golka, Newest National Executive Directors!

Congratulations on your promotion Darren & Stephanie Golka! You are now a National Executive Director at Experior Financial Group!

Promotional image featuring Darren and Stephanie Golka

Congratulations to Darren and Stephanie Golka! As of October 2023, you are National Executive Directors!

Darren and Stephanie Golka have achieved an extraordinary milestone, showcasing hard work and determination. This power couple has grown a robust team of agents who look to them as role models.

Since joining Experior, Darren and Stephanie, alongside their team, have positively impacted thousands of families. They remain a key part of the Experior team as they stay on top of industry developments and offer guidance. Over the last five and a half years since joining, they’ve become instrumental to Experior’s success. Darren’s role on the Executive Leadership Council significantly influences Experior Financial Group Inc.’s trajectory and achievements.

We are so proud to say that Darren and Stephanie Golka are part of the Experior leadership, and we look forward to continuing to watch them on this road of success.

Darren and Stephanie Golka were asked to tell us a bit about their journey and how it feels to have reached this milestone. They responded,

“We are very proud of this team recognition because you cannot become a National Executive Director without an incredible team of agents, producers and agency owners!  Growing an organization in Canada and the USA was always a dream of ours ! With over 1250 licensed agents in under 6 years, we know our tribrid business model and our industry-leading producer/builder compensation program, combined with our share and legacy ownership, is attracting not only unlicensed agents, but also established builders and leaders from this great industry. It is amazing to see over 50 team members become Executive Director/Shareholders and almost 40 six figure and multi six figure earners already promoted. But what inspires us even more is having so many of our agents making good part time and full-time incomes, or making their first paycheck in this incredible industry. Stephanie and I are  definitely proud of what team R.E.O.S. has accomplished so far! Knowing that our agents have helped serve thousands of clients throughout North America to become more financially secure and our agents create legacies for their families, makes this achievement even more special.

When you help others achieve their goals and dreams, you by default achieve yours and this is why this promotion is so special for us as we have seen so many lives changed because of Experior.  We are truly honoured to be in the company of such great leadership in our team and in the company and at our head office.  Without Jamie and Lee-Ann Prickett’s vision to create the most attractive model for the financial services industry, we would not be here, so we are forever grateful for their leadership and vision that has helped our agents to build their legacies at Experior!”

We asked our new National Executive Directors if they had any advice for someone on their journey to success at Experior. They responded,

“We feel the biggest part of achieving anything is you have to believe first that you can achieve it and then create the vision in your mind, then on paper. Without a belief in yourself, nothing great can ever be achieved. Too many people, including ourselves, put limiting beliefs on our abilities, our passion to win, or our desire to become more than we are. It is these limiting beliefs that stop so many wonderfully capable people from achieving their goals and dreams in life, sports, health, business, spiritual or family.

Never stop believing in yourself. As you set what seems to be ridiculous goals, just remember, that without a challenge to grow and make a change, you cannot change! You have to step out of your comfort zone(s) to push yourself beyond where you are at. Remember, you cannot out earn your self-image, so start seeing yourself where you WANT to be rather than where you ARE today. It is only when you believe you are worthy of greater things in your life, that you can now start to take action towards those things.  Never quit, because this becomes a habit. 

Never give up on yourself because this becomes your destiny. Never listen to others who don’t understand your goals and dreams. Always ask for help of those who have done it. Hang around the winners locker room and ask for advice and tips. True leaders are always willing to help you, so find those people in your life who have achieved what you are striving for and follow their example and advice, and you too will succeed!  We wish you many successes and hope that you become inspired to be who your creator put you on this amazing planet to be!! It was definitely not to be average and ordinary!”

Darren and Stephanie Golka fuel our daily drive. We deeply value their unwavering drive for excellence.

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