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Experior Financial Group Inc Expands Its Offering to the American Market

Experior Financial Group Inc Expands Its Offering to the American Market

Jamie and Lee-Ann in the office


Experior Financial Group Inc expands its offering to the American Market

CEO, Jamie Prickett and President Lee-Ann Prickett of Experior Financial Group Inc are excited to announce that the company is now expanding into the USA.  After 5 short years and tremendous growth in Canada and across nearly every Province and Territory the company hopes to find more success south of the border.  In Canada, Experior Financial Group Inc now has over 25 office locations and representatives across the country with its Canadian head office location in Guelph, Ontario.

They have found a head office location in Cheektowaga, New York and are working to staff the new Head office as quickly as possible.  Time will be spent there regularly at the head office to ensure the office is running smoothly as it’s only a short drive away from their home base in Guelph.

 Experior Financial Group Inc is registered for business in California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, New York and Texas as of September 30, 2019. 

When asked the reason for the fast growth Lee-Ann responded that “Experior cares about the success of its associates and provides ongoing training and support for them.  We pride ourselves on the fact that our top leaders are reachable to the newest of representatives so that they can all be successful. At Experior when a junior associate is promoted it is celebrated by the entire team and is genuine. We work together for the benefit of everyone.”

When Jamie walks into a room full of financial services professionals, he is passionate to share with them the new approach to financial services and all that Experior has to offer those who have worked so hard for a better career and better compensation.  Jamie says, “There is nothing like realizing everything you have been working towards is achievable and it doesn’t have to be as hard as some would make it seem. There is a better way, the Experior way.”  

Just off his Canadian Tour Jamie is looking forward to introducing new agents to Experior Financial Group Inc and all that it has to offer.

The couple believes that the market in the USA is more than ready for them and they look forward to bringing a new standard in financial services industry in the USA in more ways than one.  Jamie stated, “It’s the perfect timing right now with job creation in the United States happening at a fast pace, we’re pleased to be getting in on it and introducing career opportunities for young people and those already in the industry.”

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