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Financial Caring for Aging Parents

Financial Caring for Aging Parents

Financial Caring for Aging Parents

Many Canadians today are faced with the challenge of caring for an aging parent or family member. A Statistics Canada study found that one in four Canadians provides care or help to a family member or friend with a long-term health condition, a physical or mental disability, or an aging-related need ¹.

Taking on the caregiver role for a senior can be especially stressful for middle-aged Canadians, who are often sandwiched between their careers, raising children and fulfilling financial obligations, on the one hand, and providing care for aging parents or other family members on the other.

Caregiving is a challenging role that can have a major impact on your financial and emotional health. Taking the steps now to prepare a thoughtful plan can help you provide your loved ones with the personal and financial support they need. The reward is that you’ll be giving your parents a more independent and enjoyable life while creating peace of mind for yourself.

Here are five steps to help your aging parents with finances during the transition to caregiving.

5 Tips for Helping Aging Parents with Finances

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