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$500,000 in Annual Income… Frank De Lio!!

$500,000 in Annual Income… Frank De Lio!!

Frank de Lio executive director

Congratulations to Frank De Lio! As of October 2021, you are Experior’s FIRST National Executive Director and 500K Ring Earner!

We are ecstatic and beyond proud to announce this promotion! Frank de Lio has taken on a new title at Experior Financial Group by working extremely hard and diligently to become our first-ever National Executive Director! With this promotion, Frank also receives an additional 4000 shares in the company.

Frank is leading by example within Experior and within the financial services industry. He shows us that hard work and determination really do pay off. He has assembled a team of inspired, motivated, and knowledgeable associates with the same passion he has for his business and helping others. Moreover, Frank and his team value the importance of treating every client and team member with respect.

Frank is also a member of our Executive Leadership Council and provides guidance about the future direction of Experior. He provides his team with valuable training, and he continues to contribute to the whole organization by participating in BTO webinars with our CEO, Jamie Prickett. Also, he frequently speaks at events like our Executive Director Boot Camp. Frank has proven to be incredibly valuable to our leadership.

We are excited to share this amazing news with the entire Experior Team so we can all celebrate this accomplishment together.

Frank was asked for a few comments about how he feels to have reached this new milestone in his career.

“I’m so thankful and grateful for everyone’s contribution to this milestone!

Thank you Jamie and Lee-Ann, Mauro and Laval, all my amazing ED’s, the entire team in FML, the ELC, Shelden and our incredible head office staff, all of Experior Nation, our amazing clients, and to my amazing wife who gave me the greatest WHY any man could ask for… my family!!

And finally, I thank the big guy upstairs! He has his hand in this too!!!

Would you like to offer some more words of encouragement for the Experior Team?

No matter how far out your dreams are, it’s possible. This company, Experior Financial Inc, and what we do for our clients and team is the real deal.
Dreams do come true at Experior! Love you all so much!”

Frank always strives to do the best work possible, and we thank you for your truly inspiring words! We would like to give you a round of applause, and most importantly, appreciate your hard work and dedication. Experior is excited to see what milestone you will achieve next!

If you’re inspired by the success of National Executive Director, Frank de Lio and would like to find out more about a career in the financial services industry with Experior Financial Group, please visit our site.

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