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Gbolahan Salami, promoted to Executive Director!

Gbolahan Salami, promoted to Executive Director!

Gbolahan Salami Executive Director

We are proud to announce that Gbolahan Salami is our newest Executive Director for October 2022!

Globlahan Salamin has believed in himself since joining Experior and is starting to see incredible results. He first started in the industry when he joined Experior in March 2020 and has shown continuous growth. Globlahan is now working to create a Legacy with Experior that he can pass down. We believe that Globlahan will continue to reach new milestones here are Experior.

We asked Gbolahan Salami how it feels to have reached this milestone with Experior Financial Group, he said.

“I have come to realize that success requires one step after another step, it requires choices after choices and making the right choice. It also demands education/learning and passion, commitment and persistence, hunger and patience, doing consistently what ordinary people will do occasionally. It’s been such a pleasure to grow, learn and flourish under a magnificent platform of Experior created by a compassionate CEO and amazing leaders and mentors in the organization. My heart is filled with joy and gladness that I can set this goal and reach this milestone in a short period despite not having any previous experience in this industry. 

I immigrated from Nigeria with 15 years of experience in the construction industry as a civil engineer and have always been a business owner all through my years in the construction industry. Coming into Canada in 2018, my plan was to continue my Engineering career but as a business owner. I enrolled for an Engineering soft skilled program at Humber college and also was running a Project Management course. During this period, I drove my wife to the Experior office in Vaughan for the BTO in which I stayed in the car throughout the BTO because I was not interested and had a lot in my hands. Just to encourage her in the business I joined some weeks after she joined. When I met with Adeola Abiodun he showed me all the reasons why I needed to join in March 2020.  

Shortly after I signed up, Covid-19 lockdown started, and I was able to write the certification exams just to move time. With the persistence of Adeola, I was able to write the license exams in February 2021 after which I got my license. 

I was working with Apple express which is a courier company and driving UBER while I was looking for a Project coordinator/Project manager role in the construction industry. I went for series of interviews, but the job was not forth coming so I remained with Apple express. During this period, I made sure I attended some meetings most especially product training and Wednesday mind set meetings and was talking to people about what Experior has to offer.  

I decided to take a painful decision to quit my job and start with Experior full time in March 2022 with little to no experience. Now I have no regret whatsoever for making that decision. My belief level started increasing month after month and it became clear that I can get it if I really want it.   

I believe everyone can achieve their goals and dreams if they have the right mind set and strong beliefs. You can get it if you really want it, but you must try by putting in the time, taking action and being consistent. Attending all meetings and trainings, having the right attitudes, be coachable and take action.

The little time and action you put into your business consistently will compound for your future success.

Thank you for your inspiring words, Gbolahan. We are delighted that you have joined us at Experior Financial Group and look forward to watching you achieve your goals.

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