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Godeberthe Ndarubagiye, Promoted to Executive Director!

Godeberthe Ndarubagiye, Promoted to Executive Director!

Godeberthe Ndarubagiye has been promoted to Executive Director at Experior Financial Group Inc.

We proudly congratulate and announce that Godeberthe Ndarubagiye became an Executive Director in August of 2023!

Godeberthe Ndarubagiye’s promotion to the title of Executive Director at Experior Financial Group Inc. stands as a vivid testament to her unwavering work ethic and steadfast dedication to her business. With an impressive commitment to delivering exceptional service, she has transformed the experiences of her clients and has played a pivotal role in aiding numerous families since becoming a part of our team in June 2022.

Godeberthe’s journey has been marked by relentless effort in expanding her team, and her dedication to bolstering the growth and well-being of her agency at Experior.

The Experior team asked our newest Executive Director to tell us a bit about her journey with the company and how it feels to have reached this milestone. She said,

“I am very happy and honoured to become an Executive Director in this beautiful Company, Experior Financial Group. Furthermore, it is my pleasure to have such as high level of responsibility to work with these people in Experior Financial Group who are determined to achieve success. I got signed up with Experior in June of 2022 and began to work for my License. I became licensed within one month.

It was about working together. I built my team, and my Leaders helped me which helped make me who I am today. They pushed me, they showed me interests to be in Experior Financial Group. I am happy for them. The time I got my license, I had recruited 6 people. I had to educate myself first, then my family and my community.

I started having family problems and I didn’t go to the office for while. I was about to quit, but my leaders began to call me every day and I ended up coming back into the office. Moreover, I began again to build my team and suddenly I became Senior Manager. Very good achievement to someone who wanted to quit.

I continued to work very hard, recruiting, and providing some services. At the end of July, I became an Executive Director. From now, I want to be an example for my community. I will work so hard to promote my partners, provide them good education about Insurance and Investments. I will help my community to achieve their potential development”

Godeberthe was asked if she had any advice for other Experior agents; she said,

For me, success is a key of my/our lives. We must work with people who have a very good vision to achieve our goals. Together we can.

Congratulations, Godeberthe! At Experior Financial Group Inc., we are happy to have you as part of our team. We have every confidence that you will not only excel but also continue to make significant contributions to the success of your business.

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