Haran Vallipuram, Newest Executive Director!

Congratulations Haran Vallipuram! As of July 2021, you are a Company Shareholder and our newest Executive Director. Great job Haran!

Promotional image featuring Haran Vallipuram

Congratulations Haran Vallipuram! As of July 2021, you are a Company Shareholder and our Newest Executive Director!

Experior is happy that Haran will now be taking on the Executive Director title within Experior Financial Group! We are so pleased with how hard he has worked to reach this milestone.

We asked Haran Vallipuram how he feels to have reached this milestone and he said, “People always say that there is a light at the end of every tunnel, some tunnels just happen to be longer than others. After working 14 years in the pharmaceutical industry, starting a career in the financial industry was far from easy.

My financial career started off as self-learning to educate myself for my own benefit. Then I wanted to further develop my financial knowledge. As I got to know more about the business, my goal began to change. I wanted to educate and help my clients build a better financial future for themselves.

Up until November 2020, I was working as a financial advisor for a different company. I was working there for about 3 years and I wasn’t able to build my team to reach my goals in an expedited way. Experior platform helped me to build the team within 10 months of joining and provided me the training to reach my milestone achievement of becoming an Executive Director. Never stop dreaming as dreams do come true!

Thank you for sharing your story with us Haran! We’re glad to see that your hard work is paying off and that Experior has helped you achieve success in the industry. We are happy that your dreams are coming true! Once again, congratulations on your achievement of becoming an Executive Director.

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