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Jyoti & Gurpreet Bhandal, Newest Executive Directors!

Jyoti & Gurpreet Bhandal, Newest Executive Directors!


We proudly announce that Jyoti & Gurpreet Bhandal became Executive Directors in December of 2023!

Jyoti and Gurpreet Bhandal’s elevation to the roles of Executive Directors at Experior Financial Group Inc. stands as a clear testament to their unwavering work ethic and steadfast dedication to their business pursuits. Remarkably, Jyoti became part of Experior Canada just a mere 10 months ago. This promotion is a resounding acknowledgment of their diligence, exceptional service, and remarkable achievements.

The Experior team asked our newest Executive Directors to tell us a bit about their journey with the company and how it feels to have reached this milestone. They said,

“We feel blessed to reach this milestone. we want to thank Experior for this great opportunity. Special Thanks to the whole team and leaders who helped us get where we are today. We were a bit nervous about transitioning from our previous company to Experior, our life changed because of our decision to join Experior. This is a life-changing platform.”

Jyoti and Gurpreet were asked if they had any advice for other Experior agents; they said,

“Everyone has the power inside them, just believe in yourself. To be successful in life, you need to have a positive attitude to beat any form of negativity. listen to your leader and follow the system,”

Congratulations, Jyoti and Gurpreet! Your deserving recognition stems from the immense dedication and effort you’ve invested to reach this milestone.

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