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Kamrudin & Tameeza Hirani, Newest Ring Earners!

Kamrudin & Tameeza Hirani, Newest Ring Earners!

Kamrudin and Tameeza Hirani, our newest Ring Earners!

Congratulations to Kamrudin and Tameeza Hirani, our newest Ring Earners of May 2023!

Kamrudin and Tameeza Hirani, Executive Directors based in Edmonton, have achieved an impressive milestone in their careers at Experior Financial Group. Kamrudin has resided in Edmonton for 15 years, while Tameeza has deep roots in Calgary. Their extensive local knowledge and connections have played a pivotal role in their success.

In addition to their exceptional achievements, Tameeza has embraced the role of coaching and mentoring financial associates through impactful mindset training programs. Their dedication to empowering others has earned them respect among their peers and positioned them as valuable resources for aspiring associates.

Since joining Experior Financial Group in 2018, Kamrudin and Tameeza have served over 100 clients, forging strong relationships and delivering exceptional financial solutions. Their unwavering commitment and hard work have not only made them indispensable assets to Experior but have also propelled them to this significant career milestone.

We commend Kamrudin and Tameeza Hirani for their outstanding achievements and wish them continued success as they inspire and guide the next generation of financial associates through their expertise and mentorship.

We asked Kamrudin and Tameeza how it feels to have achieved this milestone, and they said,

“My wife Tameeza and I are very blessed and grateful for this milestone achievement after having some health setbacks. We believe we are even stronger today than ever.”

Why Experior? Our newest Ring Earners said,

“The HEART of Jamie and Lee-Ann and what they bring to this business! They are the kind of people, leaders and mentorship we need! We are grateful to be a part of their vision! We have both changed and grown personally and professionally since we joined Experior. It has been a joy ride to be surrounded by winners in life and in business! We believe in what Experior believes in and that alone makes the difference. Doing the right thing every time makes this success so worthwhile. Developing people and leaders to make a bigger difference in lives is the most gratifying feeling no one can take away. We are here to make massive impact to those we help and serve whether they are clients or team partners”

We asked the couple what their goals were for the future? They responded,

“Our goals now are to expand across Canada and the USA this year. We are driven to go big. We mentored someone new to this industry and business mid 2022 and in 8 months witnessed an ED promotion and shareholder. This excites us to bring more of the same momentum and driven goal-oriented people in to our business that have open minds and are willing and able to do what it takes to make the difference in peoples lives.”

Kamrudin and Tameeza was asked if they had any advice for anyone new to Experior, they said,

“When in doubt do it anyway! Discover your path to great achievements!”

Congratulations, Kamrudin and Tameeza! Your passion and dedication are truly inspiring, and we eagerly anticipate your future achievements and wish you only the with your health and your business.

Why Experior?

Are you inspired by the remarkable journey of Kamrudin and Tameeza Hirani? Look no further than Experior Financial Group to create a legacy of your own!

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