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Kevin & Pam Purnell Promoted to Senior Executive Directors!

Kevin & Pam Purnell Promoted to Senior Executive Directors!

Kevin and Pam Purnell promoted to Senior Executive Directors!

We are proud to announce that Kevin and Pam Purnell are the newest Senior Executive Directors at Experior Financial Group as of January 2023!

Kevin and Pam Purnell, from British Columbia, have been with the company since June 2019. The Purnells have accomplished so much in the last 3.5 years with their business, servicing over 300 clients, and they have now reached yet another professional milestone by becoming Senior Executive Directors. Kevin and Pam continue to demonstrate their dedication at Experior Financial Group, serving as role models for their team and other Associates. Here at Experior, we look forward to continuing to see Kevin, Pam, and their team succeed!

Kevin and Pam were asked for a few comments about how it feels to reach this milestone; Kevin said,

“Pam and I are so excited to have reached the SED milestone. We truly feel fortunate to be partnered with Experior! Nothing in life that’s been of true value has come easily. Now on the other hand, EVERYTHING we have in life that is precious and of real value to us has been worth the hard work, commitment, dedication and focus. So many people in life today are looking for the instant gratification. They want their popcorn instantly. They want their wealth instantly. They want their headache gone instantly. They want success in business instantly and these are only a few examples.   Sorry to break the news, but that is not the way life works. What I’ve found is that we can have many of the things we desire in life but it is going to take time, hard work, focus and commitment”

Kevin and Pam were asked to share any advice they have to help other Associates succeed, Kevin said,

“I feel that in order to succeed in business one must know their why. Why this industry? Why Experior?  Why do you go to work? Why are you honest? You also need the desire to succeed. “Desire is the motivating force that moves one to action. All else is merely a wish, a want or a hope. Wishes, wants and hopes will never sustain us long enough to experience true success.” – Kevin Purnell

Wow, thank you for the inspiring words, Kevin and Pam! We are so proud and excited to have you at Experior Financial Group. We wish you all the best in achieving even more milestones!

If you’re inspired by this couple’s success and are interested in finding out more about a career in financial services, please visit our website. Experior offers excellent training in the financial services field and real-time access to the company’s top leaders. Furthermore, Experior provides lots of opportunities for advancement within the company. Overrides for all products for agency builders and promotions based on personal and team production. Our goal is to help you grow your agency by providing the right tools, information, and technology. We have over 26 insurance and investment partners, and you’ll get insight from experts in the industry.

Visit our Instagram page to congratulate Kevin and Pam Purnell on their amazing success of becoming Experior’s newest Senior Executive Directors and for earning additional shares in Experior!


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