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Madhab Dulal Promoted to Senior Executive Director!

Madhab Dulal Promoted to Senior Executive Director!

Madhab Dulal Senior Executive Ring Earner!

We are proud to announce that Madhab Dulal is our newest Senior Executive Director and will be taking on his new title as of November 2022!

Let us introduce you to Madhab Dulal, from Calgary Alberta and a member of Team Everest. Madhab continues to show his dedication at Experior Financial Group inc. and continues to be a role model for his team and other members of Experior. With this new Senior Executive Director title, Madhab Dulal will also receive additional shares in the company. We look forward to continuing to watch Madhab and his team succeed.

Madhab Dulal was asked for a few comments about how it feels about becoming our most recent Senior Experior Executive Director, and he responded.

“This is a “Dream Come True” moment for me. I was a simple guy with a simple job in Walmart QA, with simple pay. My daily schedule was, wake up, go to work, come home, rest and sleep. Same routine day over day. Same people, same tasks. It was monotonous. I could pay the bills on time, feed my family and I was thinking that this was a great life, expecting to retire at age 65 with CPP and OAS. I was making 50K, my supervisor used to make 60K and my manager made 70K. My goal was, one day that I would be a manager and would make 70K annually. 

Also, I used to volunteer in my community, and I have raised and donated from time to time when our community members suffered financially due to illness or death in their immediate families. I did not know about the protection plans available in Canada that so many others also do not know about. I was not happy to raise money specially for someone’s funeral. I was looking for a way to find a solution and here came Experior with all the solutions and a great business platform. I have limited time so I could not help everyone. I decided to share the opportunities Experior provided me to others. And here I am today, with close to 100 licensed agents, a 250k ring, two direct 100K plus ring earners, a couple 75K plus earners, and many more with 30K, 40K and 50K yearly salaries as part time. So many success stories and there are so many to come. At the same time, we can serve more families, helping them to build their protection plans and increase their net worth. 

Experior has a great personal development package with excellent compensations attached to it. Anyone can join here, learn about finance and business and earn a decent part time income. Not only that, but some people also create a fortune if they are willing to learn and do a little extra than others. 40 hours of work is to stay alive. Anything above and beyond with Experior will create our fortunes.

Now, I have more time, more money, more knowledge (learning everyday) and I can do more of what I like to do, which is travel and volunteer in my community. I would like to conclude with this “If we help others achieve what they want, God will help us achieve what we want”. 

Thank You Experior, Jamie and Lee Ann, Baljit Parmar, Prakash Bashyal, Aparpal Mundi, all my team and my wife Yani Dulal for all the support and continuous encouragement. Special thanks to my valued clients. We truly value your trust and confidence in us. We sincerely appreciate you. Your commitment as a customer is much appreciated. We look forward to serving you again in the future. “

Wow, thank you for the inspiring words, Madhab! We are so proud and excited to have you at Experior Financial Group and wish you all the best in achieving even more milestones!

If you’re inspired by the success of Madhab Dulal and are interested in finding out more about a career in financial services, please visit our website. Experior offers training that is unmatched in our industry, as well as real-time access to top leaders at the company. Furthermore, Experior provides lots of opportunities for advancement within the company. Overrides on all products for agency builders and promotions based on personal and team production. Our goal is to help you grow your agency by providing you with all of the tools, information, and technology that you need. We have over 26 Insurance/Investment partners and you’ll get insight from experts in the industry, as well as exclusive contests and prizes.

Visit our Instagram page to congratulate Madhab Dulal on his amazing success of becoming Experior’s newest Senior Executive Director and for earning additional shares in Experior!


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