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Mauro and Mara Arturi, National Executive Directors!

Mauro and Mara Arturi, National Executive Directors!

Mauro and Mara Arturi Experior's newest National Executive Directors!

Congratulations to Mauro and Mara Arturi! As of March 2022, you are National Executive Directors!

We are very proud to announce that Mauro and Mara Arturi have been promoted to National Executive Directors at Experior Financial Group, where they have worked hard to become a key part of the company’s continued growth.

Mauro and Maura are leaders within Experior, as well as the financial services industry. They’re living proof that hard work and determination pay off. Mauro and Mara have assembled an inspired, motivated, and knowledgeable team that shares their passion for helping others. Moreover, their Associates treat every client—and each other—with the utmost respect.

Mauro also serves as a member of our Executive Leadership Council, and he contributes to the direction of Experior Financial Group. Mauro provides training for his team, and he regularly participates in BTO webinars with the CEO, Jamie Prickett. Mauro is a key presence and speaker at company events, and he has proven to be incredibly valuable to our leadership.

We’re thrilled to be able to share the news of this accomplishment of Mauro and Mara with our entire Experior team.

Mauro was asked to offer some words of encouragement for the Experior Team and to Agents who are striving to build their business, he said,

“Thank you for your support, this journey has been an absolute blast. Watching others around me change their lives for the better all while changing my family’s life as well. 

Hey Jamie…. This just might work!” 

Mauro and Mara are always striving to do the best work possible, and we thank them for truly inspiring us to work harder! Thank you both for your hard work and dedication to Experior. We look forward to your continued success. Experior can’t wait to see what you two accomplish next!

If you’re inspired by the success of National Executive Directors, Mauro and Mara Arturi and would like to find out more about a career in the financial services industry with Experior Financial Group, please visit our site.

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