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Mauro Arturi reaches 600 Licensed Agents!

Mauro Arturi reaches 600 Licensed Agents!

Mauro Arturi, who has reached 600 licensed agents across North America!

Mauro Arturi reaches 600 Licensed Agents!

Congratulations to Senior Executive Director, Mauro Arturi, who has reached 600 licensed agents across North America!

We’re thrilled to announce Mauro’s great achievement! Mauro has established a reputation in the financial industry for building a high-performing team of licensed agents. Mauro’s hard work, diligence, and focus, combined with his unique abilities and passions, have led him to become a well-respected and trusted leader at Experior Financial Group. He is highly regarded for his integrity and success as a Senior Executive Director and has helped agents across North America achieve their career goals.

Mauro is a part of Experior’s Executive Leadership Council where he is always willing to share his knowledge and insights with others. Mauro is a regular participant of our BTO career webinars with CEO, Jamie Prickett and we appreciate every opportunity to see him in action including the presentations Mauro gives at our summits and conventions.

Mauro, how does it feel to have reached this milestone in your career?

“I can’t believe that in 5 short years I’ve been able to build a business of 600 agents across Canada and the United States. This achievement is only possible with the great leaders I have in my life and business and because of the great business model that Experior has built.”

Mauro would also like to say “Special thank you to Jamie, Lee-Ann, Frank De Lio, Laval Dubeau, Daniel Prete, Mario Francella, Frank D’Ettore, and all of the great business leaders in my organization.”

Once again we would like to offer you Mauro our most sincere congratulations as you build your legacy with Experior Financial Group Inc!

If you are inspired by Mauro’s achievement and would like to find out more about a career in financial services with Experior Financial Group please visit our Career page. Experior offers training, support, advancement opportunities, and an excellent commission model (not a salary position). In addition, we also provide you with the tools and technology to work from home. From the first day, you will own your book of business. We offer corporate ownership and promotions based on personal and team production. We have over 26 Insurance/Investment company partners. Experior Financial Group provides exclusive contests and prizes to encourage you to dive deeper into the financial industry.

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