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Melvie Visto, Newest Ring Earner!

Melvie Visto, Newest Ring Earner!

Melvie Visto

Congratulations to Melvie Visto our newest Six-Figure Ring Earner of March 2022!

We’re excited to announce that Melvie Visto has become a Six-Figure Ring Earner. She’s achieved this important milestone within Experior!

Melvie worked as a nanny in 2015 before getting her license in 2018. She then switched to a career as a property manager. She came from the Philippines but is now living in Edmonton, AB. She is a single mom of one son who is 22 years old.

Melvie’s mentors are Francis & Dianne Sinday and Jim Rohn. Before coming to Experior she was an independent broker with PPI making approximately $35k per year. “It is beyond words how I feel. It was unimaginable that an income like $100,000 in a year was just a dream and now it is a reality.”

Her Goals and her WHY were financial freedom and to own a house. She also wanted to build an empire with Experior.

We asked Melvie Visto why she chose Experior Financial Group and she said, “Since day one of having my license in the insurance industry, I was already with Francis and Dianne Sinday’s Agency. When they moved to Experior, I followed them because I trusted them.”

Questions Experior Financial Group asked Melvie Visto:

The Experior Marketing Team asked how has her life changed because of having success with Experior, she said, “When I got my license in 2015, I didn’t see myself earning a six-figure income. Never I could have imagined that I would reach this milestone. Because of this income, I was able to pay off my car in advance, I paid off my credit cards and most importantly, I have the confidence to buy my first home. And also my son is very proud of me that I am earning this much, I am able to provide for him and buy him expensive things just like the designer winter jacket that I bought him for $500. This was the first time I spent this much money for my son without having to worry about money.”

We asked Melvie Visto if she could share any advice for other Experior Associates? Our newest ring earner said,

“Decide now, be consistent with your action plan, write your goals, create a road map, be open of your emotion with the right people especially with your personal mentor, in my case my Senior Executive Director, Francis Sinday.

Thank you so much Melvie! We are so pleased that you have come so far and are now able to provide a home and advantages for your family. Keep up the great work!

Why Experior?

If you are inspired by Melvie Visto’s success and are looking for a change, check out Experior Financial Group!

We offer access to our leadership team and world-class training & support, as well as, state-of-the-art proprietary software that will help you to best serve your clients. Check out our website to find out why Experior is the fastest-growing MGA in Canada and why we are the first Canadian MGA to expand into the USA!

Visit our Careers page to learn more about why Experior could be the right place for you to achieve your dreams and reach your goals!

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