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Mila and Lewis Lacerona, Newest Ring Earners!

Mila and Lewis Lacerona, Newest Ring Earners!

Congratulations to our newest Six Figure Ring Earners, Mila and Lewis Lacerona!
Mila and Lewis Lacerona Ring Earners

Congratulations to Mila and Lewis Lacerona our newest Six-Figure Ring Earners of February 2022!

We’re excited to announce that Mila and Lewis have become Six-Figure Ring Earners. They’ve achieved another milestone within Experior!

Mila and Lewis are originally from the Philippines and are now based out of Toronto, Ontario. They are married with 2 beautiful and blessed kiddos, Mika and Mati. In their former careers they worked in different industries but have come to find a home with Experior Financial Group and are doing very well in financial services!

They chose Experior Financial Group because they say, “Experior is the only option out there!”

Mila and Lewis say that working with Experior has changed their life. “This success with Experior is just the beginning of the many remarkable and life-changing eventualities. It is a euphoric feeling and a fact how we can make a positive difference in somebody else life now and the generations to come. The silent voice inside whispers to go above and beyond and coming out in the open as the ambassador of financial literacy and freedom NOW and the coming days ahead.”

Questions Experior Financial Group asked Mila and Lewis Lacerona:

We asked Mila and Lewis if they could share any advice for other Experior Associates? Our newest ring earners said,

Undeniably, it gives you the sense of achieving, to a high degree, not just a new milestone but a remarkable milestone having been given the privilege to protect not just one but a good number of people/families and knowing with full reassurance that their loved ones and themselves are in financial freedom at the time when it is needed the most. The feeling is unimaginable, not to mention, the rewards attached to it and the recognition extended. Forever grateful and thankful to Experior for this opportunity, and for equipping us with the “Experior Wings” to soar high extending financial literacy campaign, consequently, translating to financial protection and freedom to the community of families and individuals.

Just be yourself and go out there with the INTENT to HELP…the rewards, tangible, or intangible, will follow YOU.

Thanks so much to both of you! We’re glad you found your place in the Financial Services industry with us. We’re happy with the work you’ve done to achieve yet another milestone and we know that you’ll continue to grow your business.

Why Experior?

If you are inspired by Mila and Lewis Lacerona’s success and are looking for something new and exciting, check out Experior Financial Group!

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