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Nurain Oyediran, Newest Ring Earner!

Nurain Oyediran, Newest Ring Earner!

Ring Earner Nurain Oyediran

Congratulations Nurain Oyediran, our newest Ring Earner of August 2022!

Nurain Oyediran, Executive Director at Experior, has achieved another major career milestone with Experior this year! Nurain has had a very successful year at Experior by first becoming an Executive Director in May 2022 and now becoming our newest Ring Earner of August 2022. He moved to Scarborough, Ontario with his family from Nigeria and has bloomed in this industry. Throughout his time in the financial industry, Nurain has set short and long-term goals to reach financial freedom. He has a lot of potential, and we at Experior are confident that he’ll continue to achieve greatness in the future.

Questions Experior Financial Group asked Nurain Oyediran:

The Experior Marketing Team asked how Nurain feels to have reached this milestone, he said,

I feel very accomplished and honoured to have achieved this milestone in my life. It took a lot of work and determination, but I am grateful that I accepted this offer from day one of joining Experior.”

We asked him Why Experior? Our newest Ring Earner said,

“I chose Experior because they offer an exceptional training and a development program to maximize Associates success with an incomparable opportunity such as, true ownership, shares opportunity, great people and a great company. 

We then asked Nurain how his life changed because of his success with Experior, he said,

My life has changed enormously, and this is just the beginning because Experior we aren’t done yet.  

When we asked Nurain what advice he had for new Associates in the industry, he said,

“There’s a lot of information to take in, but let me emphasize that if you’re considering joining Experior today, it’s important to act quickly. The decision I took yesterday is the result I am seeing today and will continue going forward. I am thankful for working with great people and for a great company. Thank you Jamie and Lee-Ann Prickett for establishing Experior.”

We’re proud to have you as a member of the Experior team, Nurain. We look forward to your future success!

Why Experior?

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