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Nurain Oyediran, Promoted to Executive Director!

Nurain Oyediran, Promoted to Executive Director!

Congratulations to Nurain Oyediran who is our newest Executive Director.

We are proud to announce that Nurain Oyediran is our newest Executive Director and Shareholder for May 2022!

A few words from Nurain Oyediran;

“I came to Canada in December 2017. I previously worked for TNM Anodization & Peinture Inc in Montreal, then moved to Toronto in July 2018 where I was introduced to Financial Services. I bought into it at our previous MGA, but as destiny would have it, we came down to Experior in December 2018. I live in Scarborough, Ontario, with my family. I obtained my Associate license in January 2019 with Experior.”

We’re so glad you’re a part of the Experior team, Nurain! Your success is such great news.

Nurain was asked for a few comments about how it feels becoming our most recent Executive Director, and he responded;

I am really a lesson to everyone around me. If I can do it, you can do it too. I started from zero experience and got equipped with knowledge and understanding that built my belief and confidence in what I do. Just one small positive thought in the morning has changed my whole day. I am so grateful to almighty God for achieving my milestone as an Executive Director and a shareholder in this reputable Northern America organization called Experior Financial Group. Honestly I am fired up to narrate Experior to the world. Experior is not just a company but a movement of successful business oriented people. I appreciate Jamie and Lee-Ann Prickett for their effort by putting together this organization. 

May God bless the Experior Family! God bless Canada! God bless the USA!”

Thank you for inspiring so many of our Associates, Nurain! We are proud to have you on our team and wish you the best in achieving your career goals.

If you’re inspired by the success of Nurain Oyediran and would like to find out more about a career in financial services, please visit our website to learn more. Experior offers unparalleled training, as well as access to top leaders in the company. We also offer opportunities for promotion. Overrides on all products for agency builders and promotions based on personal and team production. Our goal is to help you grow your agency by providing you with all of the tools, information, and technology that you need. We have partnered with 26 insurance/investment companies and will give you insight from experts in the industry as well as exclusive contests for prizes.

Visit our Instagram page to congratulate Nurain Oyediran, on his amazing success of becoming Experior’s newest Executive Director and company shareholder!


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