Olumuyiwa Egbeyemi, Promoted to Executive Director!

Congratulations Olumuyiwa Egbeyemi! As of October 2022, you are the newest Executive Director at Experior Financial Group Inc.!

Promotional image featuring Olumuyiwa Egbeyemi

We are proud to announce that Olumuyiwa Egbeyemi is our newest Executive Director for October 2022!

Olumuyiwa Egbeyemi has believed in himself since joining Experior, and his hard work is paying off. He first started in the financial industry when he joined Experior, and since then he’s shown continuous growth. Olumuyiwa is now working to create a lasting legacy at Experior that he can pass down to future generations of the business. We believe he will continue to reach new milestones here at the company.

We asked Olumuyiwa Egbeyemi how it feels to have reached this milestone with Experior Financial Group, he said.

“It still feels surreal yet awesome to have achieved this key milestone of becoming an agency owner and a shareholder of this great organization. Thank you Experior!”

We asked our newest Executive Director for advice he can share with new Associates, he said,

“I would advise staying focused, disciplined, and dedicated to the Experior proven system and as much as possible. Keep doing the best for your clients, and associates. Growth and success is assured.

I can’t thank enough my team members, mentors, mentees, associates, partners and most especially the families that opened up their doors to us to help with their financial services. They are the real MVPs. Finally, all glory to God for every win and more to come.”

Thanks so much for your inspiring words, Olumuyiwa. We’re thrilled to have you on board at Experior Financial Group and look forward to watching you achieve your goals.If you would like to learn more about a career at Experior Financial Group, visit our website. Experior offers its agents an exceptional opportunity to work with top leaders in the company and earn promotions to Executive positions. Associates are provided with training opportunities, as well as ongoing promotions. Overrides on all products are available for agency builders. We want to help you pursue your goals by providing you with the finest tools, information, and technology. Experior has partnered with 26 insurance/investment companies. These companies provide you with exclusive contests and prizes. Experior will also provide you with insight from experts in the industry.

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