Palwinderjit Jhajj Promoted to Executive Director!

Congratulations Palwinderjit Jhajj on your promotion to Executive Director in March of 2022 with Experior Financial Group Inc.

Promotional image featuring Palwinderjit Jhajj

We are pleased to announce that Palwinderjit Jhajj has been named the newest Executive Director and company shareholder for March 2022!

Palwinderjit and her husband have been through some very tough times. She was 25 when she married Varinder and was diagnosed with Lupus that same year. It affected her kidney and Palwinderjit and her husband suffered a lot. When she needed medication that cost $1600 a month, she was shocked by the expense. She wished she had learned about the importance of insurance when she was younger.

In 2009, Palwinderjit became a licensed financial Associate, but she didn’t find any good opportunities, so she worked outside of the industry. However, she still wanted to help people and share her knowledge.

Palwinderjit was asked for a few comments about how she feels about becoming our most recent Experior Executive Director, her response was;

“When I joined Experior, I learned about the Legacy opportunity. I didn’t have life insurance, so I thought, why not start my own insurance company (Legacy).

My Husband and I have only one child. They both support me always. My biggest legacy is my 9 year old son, who is already quite good at budgeting.

I am so glad with Gods grace that I got this promotion today. I’d like to thank my husband, Varinder Jhajj, and my son, Upinder Jhajj, for their love and support. They always support me no matter what. Thanks also to my mentors and my Team!”

Thank you for sharing Palwinderjit. Your story is very inspiring. You are an inspiration to new associates in our company who want to be successful!

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