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Pierre Claver Ngendandumwe, Promoted to Executive Director!

Pierre Claver Ngendandumwe, Promoted to Executive Director!

Pierre Claver Ngendandumwe is our newest Executive Director at Experior!

We proudly announce that Pierre Claver Ngendandumwe became an Executive Director in June of 2023!

Pierre Claver Ngendandumwe’s promotion to Executive Director at Experior Financial Group Inc. is a testament to his hard work, planning, organization of his goals, and dedication to his business. Pierre was able to reach his goal of ED within one year of being with Experior! He works hard to serve his clients and provide them with assistance. He has also worked quickly to build his team and support those studying for their licenses.

The Experior team asked our newest Executive Director to tell us a bit about his journey with Experior Financial Group and how it feels to have reached this milestone; Pierre said,

“I am extremely grateful and honored to be here before you today as Executive Director.  It is a tremendous honor to be entrusted with such a high level of responsibility and to care for this incredible group of people who are determined to achieve success with Experior Financial Group.  Throughout my career, I have learned that success is not just about achieving personal goals, but also about working with others to achieve a common vision. I am convinced that together we can exceed expectations and achieve great things. I look forward to working with each of you.  I appreciate your trust and help, and continue to aim high.

I started the business with Experior Financial Group, more precisely on June 5, 2022. It will be exactly one year on June 5, 2023. Many may wonder how I have advanced so much in the business. It’s very simple and I would like to advise other partners, especially new ones, to build a team without delay, to help families take up the services. Immediate and tight follow-up is extremely necessary.

When I started the business, I immediately started building my team and at the same time studying for my license. In July, I had my license and by that time, I already had fifteen insurance policies on the table ready to apply. It made my promotions easier.

This promotion is one of the steps. From now on, I will work to promote my partners, educate and provide services to families. Our communities have huge needs for financial services. It is up to us to help them.”

Well done, Pierre! It is very apparent that you take great pride in your hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence, which has earned you this well-deserved recognition. We are proud to have you on the team at Experior. We are very confident that you will continue to excel and contribute to the success of your business at Experior Financial Group Inc. Thank you, Pierre, for all of your hard work and congratulations once again!

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