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Ring Earner, Rakesh Sharma!

Ring Earner, Rakesh Sharma!

New Ring Earner

Congratulations on becoming a Six-Figure Ring Earner!

Ring Earner April 2021

We are beyond proud to announce our NEWEST six-figure ring earner, Executive Director, Rakesh Sharma! Rakesh is a valuable member of Experior who works very hard to inspire his team of Associates every single day! There was a time when Rakesh was thinking of leaving the business but he stuck it our and upped his game. Now we get to share with you his success!

We asked Rakesh for a words to help inspire others who are working hard to reach their goals and become a ring earner and he said. ” Building a successful business using mindset and skillset only without consistent activity is like driving a car whose back wheels are on a Jack.  It’s time to get your car off the JACK!!!!!!!

We asked him why he chose Experior? Our newest ring earner said, “Experior system fosters the learning process of the various intricacies of becoming a true financial advisor without the pressure of sales. The contract you sign with Experior clearly states that you are the owner of your book of business from day and can leave the legacy for next generation just like a traditional business. Success of any business is directly proportion to the time you spent in it. At Experior you can break this time barrier by building your agency and training them to become field trainers and you earn override on their successes. Experior is the fastest growing MGA in Canada and the first Canadian born MGA to expand in the United States. You can build your agency in North America.”

Great words of wisdom Rakesh! You have proved that it can be done and you are now a ring earner!

If you are looking for a change in career and have been thinking about financial services, check out Experior Financial Group. We offer world class training and support and access to our leadership team. As well, we offer state of the art proprietary software that will help you serve your clients. Check out our website for more information on why Experior is the fastest growing MGA in Canada and why we’re the first Canadian MGA to expand into the USA!

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