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Sharanbir Randhawa, Newest Ring Earner!

Sharanbir Randhawa, Newest Ring Earner!

Sharanbir Ranhawa newest Income Ring Earner and Senior Manager

Congratulations to Sharanbir Randhawa our newest Six-Figure Ring Earner of March 2022!

Sharanbir, a Senior Manager at Experior, has achieved many important milestones in her time with the company. Her most recent accomplishment is one of special note: Sharanbir became a Six-Figure Ring Earner within the company only a year after joining Experior.

Sharanbir who is originally from Punjab, India, moved to Canada in 2012 to Brampton, Ontario. Before joining Experior Financial Group she was working in the restaurant and trucking industries. Since changing her career to financial services, Sharanbir has made it a goal to become an Executive Director and to generate $250,000 in income by the end of 2022.

Sharanbir, a widowed single mother, has made her mark at Experior by believing that if you stay committed to your goals by having self-belief, hard work, sacrifice, commitment, and persistence you can fulfill all of your dreams!

Questions Experior Financial Group asked Sharanbir Randhawa:

The Experior Marketing Team asked how Sharanbir feels to have reached this milestone, she said,

“It was a great feeling to achieve this milestone in my first 12 months at Experior. I will continue to do my best and hope to attain even greater accomplishments for myself and the team. My most enormous gratitude goes to the team who helped me achieve this accomplishment in my first year. Special thanks to ED Bhupinder Singh, who guided me step by step to achieve my goal. I appreciate everyone at Experior who supported my efforts.”

We asked Sharanbir Why Experior? Our newest Ring Earner said,

“I have had my license since 2016, but didn’t really understand the business, had no coach or a mentor to guide me. I was looking for a better platform and to find a knowledgeable financial coach. Then one of my friends referred me to Experior Financial Group. Experior provides diverse products and services to consumers and provides opportunities for new Associates in the Industry to build their own businesses to leave a legacy for their families. The most important part is you always have a mentor to guide you and coach you along the way.

My first year at Experior has been my happiest year since being in Canada. My increased Income has given me the ability to live stress-free and I am able to take care of my obligations, and my health, and save money for my daughter’s University.”

When we asked Sharanbir what advice she had for new Associates in the industry, she said,

“Experior is the best platform to start your career in financial services. All you need is self-belief, hard work, sacrifice, commitment, persistency and to be coachable. Believe me, it works, if I can do it anyone can!”

Thank you so much, Sharanbir! We’ve been thrilled to see you accomplish so much at Experior, and we’re proud to have you as a Ring Earner! Congratulations on this achievement, and keep being an inspiration to others with your great work!

Why Experior?

If you are inspired by Sharanbir Randhawa’s success and are looking for a change, check out Experior Financial Group!

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