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Sparsh & Pooja Sharma, Newest Executive Directors!

Sparsh & Pooja Sharma, Newest Executive Directors!

Sparsh & Pooja Sharma August 2023

We proudly announce that Sparsh & Pooja Sharma became Executive Directors in August of 2023!

Sparsh and Pooja Sharma’s promotion to Executive Directors at Experior Financial Group Inc. is a testament to their hard-working ethic and dedication to their business. Sparsh joined Experior Canada in September 2019 and Experior USA in February 2022 and has helped at least 300–350 clients. This promotion is a testament to their hard work, excellent service, and outstanding accomplishments. This milestone exemplifies a significant stride forward in their professional paths.

The Experior team asked our newest Executive Directors to tell us a bit about their journey with the company and how it feels to have reached this milestone. They said,

“I was a greenie when I joined Experior, just like my ED, Rakesh Sharma, was when he joined Experior. I knew nothing about this industry or even about how big the Experior opportunity is for both part-timers and industry veterans, other than what Rakesh told me about it. All I did was believe in him and take a leap of faith to see where this would take us. For the first 1.5 years, I didn’t do anything other than pay the monthly back office fee. At times, I used to become skeptical and ask Rakesh if I should even continue paying the fees. I still hung on before finally beginning to take the first baby steps in 2021 towards getting licensed. Since then, it’s been a great learning curve for me.

It does take a lot of hard work, and as a part-timer, you should be prepared to work 5–9 PM weekdays as well as weekends to support and grow your side gig into a fledgling business that can support you full time if you get laid off or need to live a better than ordinary life.

In addition, a lot of good things happened along the way. My now-wife and business partner, Pooja, became my client first. This business allows you to meet new people as well as do a proper job of securing their families and helping communities. This was the reason why Pooja decided to join Experior too in 2022 (again, a greenie!). I became a Senior Manager in January 2023 and still didn’t expect we’d be able to achieve my ED promotion so soon. I’m truly thankful.”

Sparsh and Pooja were asked if they had any advice for other Experior agents; they said,

“Our advice to other Experior agents, especially those that are part-timers right now, is not to give up on the opportunity, even if it feels like an insurmountable challenge at first. All big journeys in life start with that first step.

We know there are so many people who are fed up with their jobs and work culture, or bosses that couldn’t treat them worse, and they feel stuck with where they are in their lives right now. There are also several others who could really use that extra $1,000–$2,000 a month to afford their mortgage, pay down debts, save for retirement, or even take their families out to dine at fancy restaurants. And then there are those who love this opportunity and would like it to become their primary gig.

To all of them, we’d advise that they simply plug in to our weekly trainings and be coachable to become students of the system. Experior is hands-down the best opportunity for greenies and newly licensed agents to transform their lives and achieve their dreams. If we can achieve this so quickly, everyone else can too.”

Well done, Sparsh and Pooja! You clearly feel deserving of this honor because of the hard work and effort that got you here. We are proud to have you on the team at Experior Financial Group Inc. We are confident that you will continue to excel and contribute to the success of your business. Those who have been inspired to pursue their dreams by reading about Sparsh and Pooja Sharma’s incredible adventure need look no further than Experior Financial Group, Inc.

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