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Frank De Lio crosses over 500 licensed Agents!

Frank De Lio reaches 500 Licensed Agents!

Congratulations to National Executive Director, Frank De Lio, for crossing over 500 licensed agents across North America! In 2021, Frank reached many great milestones at Experior Financial Group! He went from becoming a Senior Executive Director in May to shortly after earning $500,000 in annual income and was promoted as our FIRST National Executive Director in October. Now, crossing over 500 licensed agents in his agency Frank is known for his thought leadership in the

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Mauro Arturi, who has reached 600 licensed agents across North America!

Mauro Arturi reaches 600 Licensed Agents!

Congratulations to Senior Executive Director, Mauro Arturi, who has reached 600 licensed agents across North America! We’re thrilled to announce Mauro’s great achievement! Mauro has established a reputation in the financial industry for building a high-performing team of licensed agents. Mauro’s hard work, diligence, and focus, combined with his unique abilities and passions, have led him to become a well-respected and trusted leader at Experior Financial Group. He is highly regarded for his integrity and

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Frank de Lio executive director

Frank De Lio reaches $500,000 in Annual Income!

Congratulations to Frank De Lio! As of October 2021, you are Experior’s FIRST National Executive Director and 500K Ring Earner! We are ecstatic and beyond proud to announce this promotion! Frank de Lio has taken on a new title at Experior Financial Group by working extremely hard and diligently to become our first-ever National Executive Director! With this promotion, Frank also receives an additional 4000 shares in the company. Frank is leading by example within

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New Executive Directors Suraj and Nisha!

Suraj and Nisha Chhetri, Executive Director Promotion!

Congratulations Suraj and Nisha! As of October 2021, you are our newest Company Shareholders and Executive Directors! Suraj and Nisha have worked hard to grow their team here in Ontario! They are not only hard workers but they are diligent and focused on what they do in their financial service careers, and they also value the importance of treating every customer and team member with respect. Suraj and Nisha, shareholders and EDs of Experior, joined

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Madhab Dulal 200k income earner

Madhab Dulal reaches $200,000 in annual income!

Madhab Dulal Congratulations on reaching the $200,000 milestone! Executive Director/Company Shareholder, Madhab Dulal Congratulations to Madhab Dulal on reaching $200,000.00 in earned annual income. Madhab reaches this milestone now after much hard work and dedication with his team and his clients. When we asked Madhab to share a few words about his success with Experior and he said, “May 2019, I joined Experior. Promoted to ED in September 2019, got my first $100,000 ring in

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Tyrone Hinds Executive Director

Tyrone Hinds, Ring Earner!

Congratulations Tyrone Hinds Six-Figure Ring Earner August 2021 We are thrilled to announce our NEWEST six-figure ring earner, Executive Director, Tyrone Hinds! Questions we asked Tyrone Hinds We asked him how has your life changed since joining Experior? Our newest ring earner Tyrone Hinds said, “My life has changed drastically, 2 years ago we were in the worst financial situations of our lives.  Bills weren’t getting paid, mortgage payments were missed, credit cards and line

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