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Tariq & Sophie Ba’Aqeel, Promoted to Senior Executive Directors!

Tariq & Sophie Ba’Aqeel, Promoted to Senior Executive Directors!

Senior Executive Director Promotion 2023

We proudly announce that Tariq & Sophie Ba’Aqeel became Senior Executive Directors in April 2023!

Tariq and Sophie’s promotion to Senior Executive Director is a testament to their hard work and dedication. During their career with Experior, they have helped 518 families get closer to their financial goals. Their dedication to their team, leadership, and strength are examples to everyone. During their time with Experior, they have worked together in business to overcome challenges but they have also worked together during times of personal challenges including a son with Autism. As partners, we can truly label them a power couple who make success look easy.

Tariq grew up in a very low-income environment in the Jane and Wilson area of Toronto. He watched everyone around him struggle financially for many years and he vowed that he would provide a better life for his family and children one day. His experience working in the bank helped him to realize that some of the reason people struggled was from transaction-based advice rather than the education people need to succeed. His goals deepened to help every recruit and every client create their own legacy. With the guidance of his mentor Frank De Lio, he is doing just that.

Tariq Ba’Aqeel also credits all those who have put their trust in him to deliver financial services and who have allowed him to be their coach. Tariq feels truly blessed to be in a business that epitomizes People over Profits the way that Experior does. He also credits Frank De Lio for the support and leadership he has shown to him. A partner in business and a brother which has led to the success of his team, team Tugboat in both Canada and the USA.

Lastly, he credits his hardworking, dedicated, and beautiful wife Sophie who supports him and holds down the fort while he is at the office in order to make this dream a reality.

The Experior team asked our newest Senior Executive Director Why did you choose Experior and how has it changed your life? Tariq Ba’Aqeel said,

I chose Experior because out of all the companies I had reached out to while still at my previous firm, everyone was focused on how much money could be made and all the awards and accolades. Experior wasn’t even on my radar and when my business partner was approached by them, and I agreed to an interview. On that interview I was told that if I wanted to make a positive impact in the lives of the people I worked with/for this is where I should plant my flag. That immediately resonated with me, and here we are today.

My wife and I went from being only able to afford to window shop, to now being able to have multiple properties, drive the cars we want to drive, and provide the life for our kids that we only ever dreamt of. We’re proud to say that we’re experiencing financial freedom compared to what life was like prior to Experior.”

We asked Tariq Ba’Aqeel if he had any advice for those working hard towards their next promotion?

“Attend every training and event. Not just for the sake of attending, but participate, take notes, and apply/take action on everything you learn. Have a deep desire to want to become the best, and you will. Experior has given us all the tools and resources to succeed and to change lives including our own, why wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to experience the success? Nothing great comes easy, and this industry is not easy however if you honor the struggle and look at struggle and hard work as an opportunity to grow vs. a setback you’ll look back in a few years and thank yourself for the life you’ve now created!”

Thank you for the inspiration, Tariq & Sophie! Your hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence have earned you this well-deserved recognition. We are proud to have you on our team at Experior. We are honoured to have both you and Sophie representing Experior Financial Group Inc and looking after clients with such care and diligence.

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