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Theory Of Decreasing Responsibility


The Theory of Decreasing Responsibility came about because nobody plans to die early but unfortunately, it does happen. What happens when you fail to plan for the unexpected? 

It has devastating consequences for your loved ones. When you have a young family, children, and debts you have many financial responsibilities. To offset the catastrophic loss of an income producer or caregiver you have a higher need for life insurance and you need money set aside for emergencies.

This way you can avoid the unthinkable catching you off guard and putting you in a hard financial situation.


As you mature, your children become independent and your investments have grown. Your mortgage is paid down more, and you have less need for higher insurance coverage.

 Having a plan that is flexible to your growing family’s needs is important. Doing things in order of the financial house helps to make sure you are covered.

As shown in the illustration below, the Theory of Decreasing Responsibility depicts how important it is to plan for every stage of your life to be prepared for the unexpected. 

Theory of Decreasing Responsibility


It’s as easy as reaching out to us by email or telephone. Our Associates can help you plan for every stage. They use our proprietary software every step of the way. Using strong financial principles including the Theory of Decreasing Responsibility, your Associate will assist you.

An Associate will review your financial circumstances, help you secure your income, pay off debts, and start you investing so that you can reach all your goals. Speak to an Experior Associate today and start on the pathway to a bright financial future.

If you find this overwhelming, an Experior Associate can get you on the right financial pathway to securing your income, paying down debt, and reaching all your retirement and financial goals.

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