Safe Driver Campaign

Are You a Safe Driver?

Check out all of the benefits of Safe Driver below.

Increasing Benefits after First Year

Each year the policy is maintained in force, the benefits below increase by 5% per year to a maximum of 50%. Stay safe for more coverage, year after year


$50 per unit per day when Insured is a patient in a hospital to a maximum of 60 days. Loss of Life: $2,500 per unit for loss of life which occurs within 365 days of a covered accident.


Total Disability Income

Monthly benefit amounts of $200 (1 unit) through $1,600 (8 units) are available from the first day for up to six months. Injury must be sustained within 30 days after a covered accident.

Permanent Total Disability Benefit:

$2,500 per unit Permanent Total Disability increasing by an amount equal to $2,500 per unit on each policy anniversary date.

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Safe Driver

The Details

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