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Life Insurance for Seniors in Canada

Some seniors over the age of 60 may have sufficient savings to cover all anticipated and unanticipated needs, and may decide that insurance is unnecessary at this time. However, there are still cases where a senior is liable for debts and does not have enough savings to repay these costs in the event of their death. 

Life insurance policies are for the people we love, although it does give us peace of mind knowing that our family will be financially stable if our income were to disappear. Seniors’ life insurance should cover the burial, final expenses and financial needs.

Types of Life Insurance for Seniors

Simplified issue life insurance does not require a medical exam and is more forgiving of health issues than fully underwritten policy. Life insurance premiums will be lower than Guaranteed issue because you will answer a few questions about your health.

Premium payments, death payouts, and the savings component of universal policies are all customizable.

Guaranteed issue for seniors is a simple and reasonable last expense of life insurance coverage. To be eligible for the product, you do not need to take a medical checkup or answer any health questions. Instead, eligible seniors between the ages of 50 and 80 can purchase it to assist cover costs such as medical bills, credit card debt, and funeral and burial fees, protecting your loved ones from potential financial hardships. While guaranteed issues are convenient, we only suggest it if you are unable to qualify for other types.

Term life insurance protects you for a set length of time, commonly referred to as a “term.” Term Life offers 10-, 20-, and 30-year options. The amount you agree to pay when coverage begins is the cost you’ll pay for the length of your policy with this life insurance plan.

This is designed to put money aside for your funeral before you need it. It’s a different form of coverage that protects your loved ones from having to bear the financial burden when you pass away.

This is a sort of funeral expense life insurance policy that pays for your burial or cremation costs when you pass away. It distributes the death benefit of your policy straight to your beneficiary, who can spend the money anyway they want after you die.

It offers permanent protection for the balance of your living, however long that may be. This is different from term insurance that covers you for a defined period of time. It covers individuals over any age.

Why is Experior Financial the best?

Experior Financial’s experts are professionals in handling senior life insurance with no pressure and 2 step approach.  This process helps the agents and potential clients get to know each other.  This will also help the broker to be able to help the client make the right choice for life coverage as well as any other products that may be needed. We deal with the best companies or insurers for the best rates. Canadians can count on us to bring seniors a quote they can trust for insurance they need.

Many seniors have high blood pressure, or other health issues. Even with these concerns and others, our brokers can get coverage for seniors with health conditions.  The older you are, the less of a selection you will have to get coverage and the more of an investment your life insurance rates will be. An Experior Broker will get you a life insurance quote for seniors. We work with well known companies like Canada Protection Plan includes. We can also provide quotes or referrals for medical life insurance, home insurance and auto insurance.

Seniors can be apprehensive when buying coverage, especially if they do not know the life insurance broker or the insurance agency. Our brokers will deliver appropriate life insurance quotes based on the information you provide. There are some life insurance types that do not require a medical exam and some that do require a medical exam.

We have specialists in your province who can help you with your life insurance options and make sure you have the proper life insurance for seniors including standard life. 

Our brokers deal with all the major life insurance companies and each type of seniors life insurance. This implies that our brokers will make sure they shop for the best possible quote and insurance policies for you and we even offer estate planning.

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Whole life and term insurance has coverage amounts between $50,000 and $200,000 depending on the age, gender and health factors. The cash value of your insurance policy, which is the amount that would be paid to your beneficiaries if you died, is critical to your financial plans. Prices vary depending on several factors.

The best life insurance for seniors is determined by the individual’s situations. Term  insurance for seniors is a more reasonable choice for a healthy 60-year-old who requires coverage for a temporary requirement.

Depending on your health and age limits, you may need to look at the simplified issue, guaranteed life insurance or sometimes you may want coverage for funeral or burial cost from insurance advisors.

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