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Two things that we know are not avoidable are death and taxes, but most people prefer not to think about them. However, if you have dependents it’s important that you prepare, in the event that financial support is required. Life insurance benefits will help your family manage their day-to-day living expenditures by providing enough to cover funeral costs, final expenses, education plans, paying off mortgages, other debts, or whatever you want coverage for to make sure your loved ones are taken care of. 

Term life insurance is a type of life insurance that makes a payment of a death benefit if the insured person passes within a certain period of time. When the period of a term life insurance policy ends, the policyholder can choose to extend it for a new term, transform the policy to continuous or permanent coverage, or let it end.

In most cases ending it and not having any coverage leaves your loved ones vulnerable. We recommend you talk to an Experior Expert before making that decision. You may need less coverage or a different type.

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How Term Insurance Works in Canada

Insurance companies determine coverage rates based on your age, gender, and health condition when you buy term life policies. In some cases, a medical exam is necessary. In addition, your driving history, current medications, smoking status, career, hobbies, and family history may all be questioned by the insurance provider and more, this helps them determine their risk. 

Your beneficiaries will be paid the face amount of your coverage if you die within the term of the policy. The beneficiary can use the benefit of the term policies to pay for medical and funeral costs, personal debts or mortgage or other needs/wants at that time. Term policies may be extended after the end of the agreed term, but your premiums will be adjusted according to your current age upon renewal. Aside from the death benefit, term life has little value. There are no savings features like there are with a permanent life insurance policy.

Term Insurance is the least expensive type of life insurance as it has the least amount of bells and whistles. Term is great for younger families or people on a fixed income and people who need insurance for a specific amount of time, for example, to cover a 25-year mortgage.

How term life insurance works?

Benefits of Term Life Insurance in Canada

The inexpensive price of term insurance is one of its major advantages. Term life insurance policies offer a modest premium that you can afford when compared to other forms of life insurance. Another important advantage of term insurance is that the rates are lower the younger you are.

Death benefits are tax-free and paid to the beneficiary of the term life insurance policy. The benefits may be used for any reason. In the event that a minor is designated to receive the benefits a trustee must be named to control the money. The designation in the deceased’s Last Will and Testament will direct how the funds should be used and invested.

Riders are optional extras that you can add to your plan to augment the benefits of the plan. By paying a small additional cost, you may attach these riders to your term insurance policy for better security and coverage options. 

Critical illness may strike at any time in your lifetime, and the cost of treatment might wipe out all of your savings. Although term insurance policies’ core advantages are just life insurance, you may add critical illness coverage by purchasing riders. The insurance company will ask health questions to determine the insurance costs. Since benefits are tax-free to the beneficiaries you will have peace of mind knowing that the final expenses will be covered.  

Benefits of Term Life Insurance in Experior Financial?

Experior Financial made comparing term life insurance products simple. Our life insurance comparison quotes are available at no cost and are simple to obtain. Our unique and proprietary life insurance calculator and Expert Financial Analysis tool give our insurance associates a complete solution for Experior customers. 

In order to get the best life insurance rates, we work with insurance providers that are the most diverse and competitive. We do ensure your satisfaction with our business practices which makes us the best in the region.

Term Insurance FAQ

Both coverages are good if they meet the needs of the client. Term life is price effective if a disciplined client buys a policy and has investments as well. But if a client doesn’t have the discipline, or is not going to invest their money, purchasing permanent life insurance may be the best option. A small whole life policy can be combined with term life insurance to provide coverage the family needs and keep it cost-efficient.
If the client outlives the term of the policy, there is no coverage, and the policy lapses.
Term life insurance contracts are often issued for terms of  10, 15, 20, 30, or even 40 years, Term to 65, Term to 75, and Term to 100. Finding a term policy that lasts long enough is not difficult. However, 20-year coverage can be a good option because it provides long-term protection at a low cost, it always depends on your entire picture.
We would need to perform a financial needs analysis first to determine the best quote. The cost is mostly determined by the client’s needs, age, gender, and health conditions. An Experior associate will be able to provide this quickly and accurately.
You may have children who look to you for a variety of things, including financial stability. Although your income isn’t taken into account when an insurer calculates your premiums. Health is one big factor that is considered in determining premiums.

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