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Types of Insurance Brokers in Vancouver

If you’re considering buying an insurance policy and you are not a professional in the insurance industry it is always best to consult a professional to help you.  The exact same as you would do with any industry or service you are looking at making a life decision, this makes it even more important.   Most if not all final experts would say you should use an insurance broker as this is your best option,  they can shop the market and not be stuck with one company quote. Experior Financial Brokers assists clients in purchasing a plan and preparing for their financial future.

Term Life insurance is for a specified period of time.  It is also very cost-effective and this is especially good when the children are young and expenses are high or if you are on a fixed or limited income.

A life insurance broker will help you to decide which product is best for you.  They have access to proprietary software that puts a plan in place to help you make the best decisions based on your families needs and wants.

There are a few different types of permanent life insurance.  Some you will need investment knowledge, at least some will come in handy.

Other types of permanent insurance there is not necessarily a need to have knowledge in investments as they are managed for the client.

There are some policies that you can set to be paid over a certain amount of time, the typical is a 20 pay, and will still cover the insured in the event of the client’s passing.


Why use a Vancouver insurance broker?

Brokers work on behalf of their clients and give advice that is in their best interests. They are not attached to any specific insurance company.

They will assist you in purchasing policies based on your insurance needs. Among all other benefits, the broker will make sure that the policy suits the client’s needs.  A broker educates the client on the needs they cover, and then the client will make an informed decision

Why is Experior Financial the best insurance broker in Vancouver BC?

Insurance can seem complicated and overwhelming.  Experior brokers will break it down and help you to make the right decision for you.  Experior Financial provides the best quote that meets the customer’s needs. We establish a positive client-broker service. Our goal is to meet customers’ financial needs.

Experior Financial can shop the market with insurance companies, and help you acquire a quote and find the policy that suits your needs. Experior Financial will help you communicate with the insurers if you need to file a claim on your coverage.

Reach us today by filling out the contact form. Our local team is available in Vancouver, British Columbia, and all postal codes in Canada and the USA. You do not have to come to our offices, we will reach out via the phone number you provide and/or email address you give us. Our customer service is available all day and our professionals are ready to use their expertise for you. Wherever your finances are, our team wants to help make them even better!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to get insurance through an agent, broker or online website?

There is no difference in price.  Life insurance is not allowed to be discounted in that manner. The broker can shop around to get the quote as close to your budget as possible. Whereas a captive agent is only able to work with the one company they represent.  An online website is a great tool however it doesn’t take everything into account that only a human can such as feelings and the small but significant uniqueness about your situation compared to others in similar situations.

How much do insurance brokers cost? Who pays the fee?

Insurance brokers do not cost anything to the client.  Experior brokers even go that extra mile and give a free financial analysis.  The insurance companies will pay the brokerage and then the brokerage will pay the fee to the agent in most cases.  At least here at Experior.  Each brokerage will have their own way of doing things.

Why is it worth getting an insurance broker like Experior?

Experior works with the best company and therefore has access to the best insurance products. Such as great rates and products that will meet clients’ needs and requirements. Experior has offices all across Canada and the USA to serve you.

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