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Ring Earner Promotion

Derek Hachey, Experior Ring Earner!

Congratulations on earning your ring and becoming a company shareholder! Ring Earner June 2021 We are very happy to announce Experior’s newest six-figure ring earner, Sales Manager, Derek Hachey! Derek joined the company 2 years ago only working part-time. Recently going full-time in February 2021, Derek has been working hard every day to continue the growth of his business. It is evident that his hard work and dedication have paid off, he has achieved this

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Frank De Lio Senior Executive Director Ring

Frank De Lio, Senior Executive Director!

Congratulations on earning your next level Senior Executive Director Ring Frank! We are so pleased to announce and congratulate Frank De Lio on earning his Senior Executive Director Ring. Frank has been with us since February of 2016. In that time he has built a massive team of hard-working associates and agents. Frank dedicates his time and efforts to the continued growth of Experior. As a member of our Executive Leadership Council, Frank De Lio

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Executive Directors Vinod Nair and Hema Vinod

Executive Directors Promotion, Vinod & Hema!

Congratulations Vinod Nair and Hema Vinod! You are now Executive Directors and Company Shareholders! As of May 2021, Vinod Nair and his wife Hema Vinod have earned the promotion to Executive Directors with Experior Financial Group. Alongside this promotion comes shares in the company! Vinod and Hema have worked hard to reach their goals and have created a great team of associates who will be assisting people to reach their financial needs and goals! It

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Executive Directors

Executive Director Promotion, Nalla Masilamani!

Congratulations Nalla! You are now an Executive Director and a Company Shareholder! As of April 2021, Nalla Masilamani has earned the promotion to Executive Director with Experior Financial Group. Alongside this promotion comes shares in the company! Nalla works diligently every day for his clients and has built a team of dedicated Experior Associates. We are happy to share this news and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for Nalla and

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New Ring Earner

Ring Earner, Rakesh Sharma!

Congratulations on becoming a Six-Figure Ring Earner! Ring Earner April 2021 We are beyond proud to announce our NEWEST six-figure ring earner, Executive Director, Rakesh Sharma! Rakesh is a valuable member of Experior who works very hard to inspire his team of Associates every single day! There was a time when Rakesh was thinking of leaving the business but he stuck it our and upped his game. Now we get to share with you his

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Promotion to Executive Director Keerthana Jeyasuriya

Promotion to Executive Director, Keerthana Jeyurasiya!

Congratulations Keerthana on your promotion to Executive Director and on becoming an Experior Shareholder! Keerthana Jeyurasiya earned her new title of Executive Director with Experior in April 2021! Along with this promotion comes ownership in Experior Financial Group as a shareholder. We are very pleased to share the news of Keerthana’s success with Experior Nation! She has worked very hard to earn it and deserves recognition. At Experior, our Associates work very diligently towards earning

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