Dental Insurance in Canada

Dental Insurance

What is Dental Insurance?

Dental treatment is not insured under the Canada Health Care Act, even though there  are other programs in health care available that include this. If your employer does not provide dental benefits, you must pay for your dental expenses yourself. Are you concerned that you won’t be able to cover your dental costs? You can relax.

There is personal dental coverage that you can purchase separately at your own expense. Private Plans are both affordable and comprehensive. As the COVID-19 situation remains, more employees are losing their health and dental insurance at their job. With these separate dental plans, you can protect yourself and your family against potential loss to your savings plans. 

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Benefits of Dental Insurance

Many diagnostics involve dental exams and operations, as well as dental emergencies and catastrophes.

It is advisable to have insurance coverage in order to either have it covered right away or have it reimbursed.

An adult’s oral health has an impact on their entire health. The very first approach to having a healthy lifestyle is to have a healthy smile. Having a dental plan that covers exam costs helps families to get the preventative exams and cleanings needed to prevent serious issues that can lead to major health concerns in the future.

  • Availability of prevention and basic dental treatment

It is better to prevent and protect than to cure.

Dental routine exams and cleanings will help you avoid costly and painful dental costs in the future.

Benefits of working with an Experior agent for your dental insurance

Searching for the right dental insurance rates might feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Keep a keen eye out for a low cost out-of pocket plan if you want to make your searching for an individual dental policy easier. Working with Experior Associates gives access to many carriers with drug, dental, and other health care coverages.

Our associates are well informed in providing solutions beyond the expectation of their clients. They will do the digging in that haystack for you, bring you the results for you to make the final approval.

As Canadian Life Insurance Associates, we look beyond our clients’ specific needs and assist them in other areas that can unlock money for other purposes. Protect your finances by talking to Experior Associates who will help you find a solution to cover all your dental care costs! We will collect your information and assist you with finding the benefits you would like to have at competitive rates.

We work with insurance providers that offer packages with flexible care that cover your needs, and that include benefits with dental care and vision care. In the event that your employer does not offer health insurance benefits, or if your personal group insurance plans do not meet your needs, this can really help. 

Dental insurance in Experior Financial

This health and dental insurance gives you complete control over your coverage. Our associates care about their clients and are confident that they will provide the best quotes for health, dental, drug, and vision care insurance. 

We deal with the best health and dental companies when it comes to finding the right dental or even vision care health plans. Some plans include a program that helps you understand your health and motivates you to keep reaching your goals.


Can I buy dental insurance in Canada?

Yes, you can buy dental insurance as a standalone product. Individually-acquired dental insurance on the other hand can be costly if your policy does not contain the benefits that fit your requirements.

Is it as good to get dental insurance as it is for hospital coverage?

Dental insurance is a good idea because you can save money if you have an emergency dental issue or provide preventative dental care to mitigate larger claims in the future. Hospital coverage is similar, and emergency stays can be very costly and these plans provide the needed benefits. Experior Financial will answer questions you may have about what form of coverage you should purchase. If you’ve purchased individual dental insurance, the questions may revolve around what services and procedures are covered. It is important to know what you’re covered for before a dental emergency arises. 

How much is dental insurance?

The price of dental insurance depends on the carrier and the plan you have purchased; they all offer different rates and benefits. When you work with Experior Associates, you should expect the right plan that fits your needs and financial situation.

Is dental insurance free in Canada?

No. The Canada Health Act does not cover dental healthcare services. Most Canadians get their oral treatment from employer sponsored group plans, individually owned plans or they pay for it personally.

Is it worthwhile to purchase a dental insurance plan?

Not having dental insurance coverage means taking a big risk. In the case of an emergency event, you might end up surprised by an unexpected dental bill. Dental insurance mitigates the risk in your oral healthcare.

Can you make a claim for a policyholder?

We care about our customers and our associates will assist the policyholder with making a claim. Claims are generally processed by the dental clinic and therefore there is little for the patient to do. But on occasion when there is a problem Experior Associates help to sort out issues that may occur. 

Is dental insurance covered by health insurance?

No, dental care is not automatically covered by health insurance plans. This implies you’ll have to purchase health and dental insurance separately but together in one plan.

However, some insurance providers provide dental coverage as an add-on to other insurance policies. This allows you to combine all of your coverage into one policy, which may be less expensive than purchasing individual coverage.

There are also programs that help you understand your health and what motivates you to keep reaching for your goals. This is a good add-on to other Health and Dental Plans.  Our agents are well informed with the program.

We want you to live your longest, healthiest life. From little habits to big changes, your overall health is determined by your daily lifestyle choices.


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