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Insurance Brokers: Your Number One Caretakers

What is an Insurance Broker?

Frequently catching yourself in the middle of situations where you seem to face a lot of loss? Don’t worry! As unpredictable as life is, we’re bound to end up in unavoidable, challenging affairs every now and then. 

To keep yourself far from the stress of such events, it’s best to get in touch with top insurance brokers in Canada to draft the perfect insurance plan for you and your family so that you enjoy a risk-free life. 

What does an insurance broker do?

An insurance broker works for you and not for the company.  When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, don’t go with just any old rates. They find the most competitive rates so you don’t have to, and work directly on your behalf.

This is how they are able to get you bigger discounts.  They are paid a percentage of the premium plan you choose, on a commission basis after you’ve purchased an optimum insurance plan.

So, whether you’re looking for an arrangement to cater to your health, home, car insurance, or one that compensates for major incidents like illnesses and even death, it’s time for you to reach out to an experienced insurance broker.

Types of Insurance Brokers: Choose the Right Assistance

When searching through the market for a suitable insurance broker, it’s important that you’re familiar with the various types of insurance so that you’re able to make a credible decision.

There are many types of insurance brokers:


Insurance Agent vs. Insurance Broker: Know the difference

Confused between the two similar terms? 

The most important difference to note between insurance brokers and insurance agents is who they represent. Insurance brokers represent you, prioritizing your financial needs and goals, while agents represent the insurance companies. 

Experior agents use state-of-the-art proprietary software that helps them determine the best insurance plan in Canada, as well as the best overall plan and claims process for you.

All insurance companies have something a little unique about them within their insurance policies, and it is your insurance broker’s job to know the differences between each insurance policy to help you make the right decision.

Since we strive for the utmost customer satisfaction, our goal is to connect you with the most suitable insurance broker in the Canada market.. Such a person has all the insurance knowledge from multiple companies at their fingertips, quoting you insurance plans and coverage that fit your budget. 

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What to Expect?

Insurance brokers can suggest different types of policies and products to assist you in choosing an optimal plan. He will get started by asking you a series of questions to get to know you and your wants better. Then, they will come up with the best insurance plan and rates that fit your budget. After retrieving insurance quotes, the insurance broker will confirm your region, such as Toronto, British Columbia, etc., to give you suitable insurance company recommendations based on your insurance requirements.

How Can I Get Started With Experior?

This is all you have to do to get a quote. Our customer representative will get in touch with you very soon. As a note, we do not currently offer car insurance quotes however, if you are located in Ontario, Canada we can refer you to a top car insurance company that gives great quotes to consumers.


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Insurance Brokers FAQ

Do auto insurance and life insurance brokers go with the company that pays them more?

Typically, all insurance companies pay the insurance brokers the market rates; hence, a good broker should always focus on looking out for the client’s interest. 

Do insurance brokers’ clients pay more because of the added service?

The short answer is: NO. If you call the insurance company or the insurance broker directly  you will get the same price; there are no discounts. 

This is another advantage given to the clients, primarily because the cost of insurance is exactly the same; hence, being a customer-centric service, an experienced insurance broker will be able to get you a strong plan within your given budget, without charging extra for personal services. 

How do I know the insurance broker is giving me the right insurance plans?

An experienced insurance broker will follow a systematic approach. They will start by asking you questions regarding your main concerns, insurance needs, and budget. Then, they will inquire regarding your future financial plans. Such information will help them navigate through the market for the best insurance rates for you and your family. 

What about the insurance company they help select? How do I know they will pay?

Insurance companies have strict policies regarding payments on genuine cases, especially Life Insurance companies. As long as your application is honest and falls under the care of your insurance plan, the company will pay for your expenses, where required. 

What is an Insurance Brokers Association?

An insurance brokers association is an association that keeps up with what is going on in the industry regarding the rules, laws, and regulations. They pass this information on to the brokers so that the insurance broker can stay compliant with the market regulations. An insurance agent or insurance brokerage can also be a part of the insurance brokers association. 

With COVID, I am nervous about having someone I don’t know in my home, but I know I really need a broker, are there options for me to get an insurance quote?

Keeping up with the recent COVID-19 regulations, insurance brokers are available to contact via email. You can get an insurance quote through email , or your broker can start with a virtual meeting. Such steps allow you to be in the comfort of your home. These types of interactions help to keep people safe by using virtual methods of communications.

Ok, so now I know how to pick an Insurance Broker but, what about an insurance brokerage?

Assess what is important to you. Do you want just an insurance quote? Is this a long-term business relationship? If this is a long-term business relationship, make sure you enjoy their business practices. Look at their website; is it professional? Do they offer the services that will help you with your goals? Do they give advice? Can they help me by phone? Do they have availability in my province if I need a home visit? Answering these questions will help you assess what you require. 

Once I become a consumer, how often should my insurance broker reach out to me?

This is something that should be discussed between you and your insurance broker. However, the minimum you should be in touch to make sure that your needs are being met would be once per year. Anything more often would be based on the services you need or if any changes to your financial situation.

What things should I consider while choosing an insurance broker?

There are three main elements to consider while choosing an insurance agent, which are: 

  1. Cost – Does the quote for insurance products fall within your budget and meet your insurance needs?
  2. Convenience – Was it easy and did your broker save time for you by doing the heavy lifting and getting you the best insurance products for your budget?
  3. Professional  assistance -Did your insurance broker quote you on the products that benefit you most while looking out for your best interests?

My spouse does not speak English; how do I find a broker who speaks our language so my spouse can understand also?

It is extremely important that you both understand and agree to all financial clauses presented to you by your insurance broker. As a customer, you can call the brokerage and ask if they have a person that speaks the language you need. 

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