Our Partners

It’s great having insurance and investment partners like the companies listed on this page. We are pleased to do business with them and to be able to offer our clients the products and services they need including those from some of the biggest names in the business. Below are just some of our great partners.

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Platinum Carriers

La Capitale Financial Security and SSQ have joined forces with 75 years of service and are transitioning into Beneva. In 2022 La Capitale Financial Security is transitioning to the new brand and in 2023 SSQ will join them for a seamless process. The current members of La Capitale Financial Security will not be impacted and their policies will remain in place. Currently Beneva has 26.8 billion dollars in assets and 3.5 million clients and members and will continue to grow.

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Manulife is a leading international financial services company with more than 130 years of service. They primarily operate in the United States but offer sensible services and products to Canadians and their families. Manulife values removing barriers in communities and allowing people to be empowered to live their lives. Over the next 2 years Manulife has committed to donating 3.5 million dollars along with John Hancock to promote better communities and workplaces including inclusion, diversity and equity.

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In 1992 Canada Protection Plan was found and has grown every year to be a leader in Canada now offering No Medical and Simplified Issue Life Insurance. Their growth first began when developing an array of No Medical products. Following this in 2006 the No Medical Term Life Insurance products hit their market! They have a passion for providing the appropriate coverage for all of their Canadian members that protect them from unexpected situations. In addition Canada Protection Plan is very passionate about the well being of the community and contributes to various charities.

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Insurance wrapped in kindness.

They make insurance easy, humans helping humans, so that you can make the best decision for yourself, your family, and your future. As a Serenia Life member, you can take advantage of some truly unique benefits that help you live more generously – including financial support for community initiatives, post-secondary scholarships, and more.

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Humania Assurance previously known as La Survivance started in 1874 and offers a variety of different products to their customers. They continue to grow as a company but strive to never forget their history and their companies core values. One of the main core values of Humania Assurance is to continue to provide a human experience to all Canadians. Humania is also passionate about the accessibility of their insurance and products in all ways including price and transparency.

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Assumption Life began in Canada in 1903 and became a national financial planning business in 2007. When Assumption Life began their primary goal was to ensure the comfort and security of Acadian families with their growth and expansion they still strive to provide comfort and security however they now strive to provide that to all Canadian families. Assumption Life supports the Canadian community by awarding 12 scholarships to Canadians every year. They also are a part of many organizations including the CHU Dumont Foundation and SISTEMA.

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My Dignity Inc. has 40 years of industry experience serving Canadians.They are affiliated with the McLennan Group Life Insurance Inc. My dignity Inc. is a gold standard in today’s insurance market. They hold this gold standard due to their service, knowledge and community support with claims. Their company values the continuous education within the company and their advocacy for their members.

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In 1902 the Pierce Brothers Family Mortuaries opened their doors as a funeral business. The Pierce siblings came to realize there was a greater way to support Canadian families in paying for their funeral and end of life expenses. In 1935 they carried through with opening a life insurance company they had purchased called TruStage Life of Canada. A Canadian company who is now a leader around the world for solutions that fit the unique needs of every individual for funeral services and end of life finances.

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Gold Carriers

Desjardins Insurance has been serving Canadians since its founding in 1944. They offer a wide array of insurance products to Canadians including all types of life insurances, and home & auto insurance for over 60 years. Each year Desjardin supports our local communities with millions of dollars being allocated for road safety initiatives and health initiatives that empower youths. As well they donate to disaster victims and work hard to make a positive impact.

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Blue Cross Insurance was founded in 1938. Providing life insurance, travel insurance, personal and group health coverage for Canadians. Rated #1 five years in a row for travel insurance Blue Cross now covers 7 million Canadians every year. Did you know that they are an independent Not-for-profit Insurance company? They proudly invest over $7 Million in causes that help Children.

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Empire Life was founded in Toronto, Ontario in 1923. It has become one of Canada’s Top 10 Life Insurance companies offering employee benefits, life insurance and investments. Empire Life has committed a total of $354,346 in community investments in the areas of health and medical research, education, and arts and culture by way of employee volunteer hours, charitable donations, community sponsorships, and in-kind contributions.

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Industrial Alliance was founded in 1892 and is one of the largest wealth management and insurance companies in Canada with operations in the USA. Listed on the TSX under symbol IAG (common shares) and symbol IAF (preferred shares) this company manages over 213.9 Billion in assets. They serve over 4 million clients each year and employ approximately 8500 people. iA have 50,000 representatives across North America to serve their clients need.

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UV Insurance has been in the insurance world for the past 130 years. They offer a variety of different products and services to ensure the well being of their members. This includes offering individual and group insurance to people across Canada. They strive to participate in the community both in Canada and around the world, currently they support 50 organizations yearly in their company values and initiatives.

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