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What is Health Insurance?

Sometimes we face unexpected health issues like cancer, disability or critical illnesses. These illnesses can cost us a lot and often result in premature  withdrawals from savings and retirement plans. Having a Health Insurance plan in place can help protect us from these financial hardships that can come with disability or critical illness.

A complete and dependable health and critical illness plan can help relieve some of the stress associated with illness or hospital admission. With the threat of COVID-19, Critical Illness Insurance, Disability Insurance (known as paycheque insurance), or a group insurance plan offer the best protection against loss of income due to unforeseen health costs.

Benefits of Health Insurance

Health Insurance helps clients protect themselves against medical expenses due to unforeseeable illnesses. During these difficult times, the client will be covered for prescription drugs, registered specialists and therapists, hearing aids, homecare, medical equipment, acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, physiotherapists, psychologists/psychotherapists/clinical counsellors, registered massage therapists, speech pathologists/therapists, orthotics, hearing aids, homecare and nursing services, prosthetic appliances, durable medical equipment, ambulances, accidental dental procedures, hospital rooms, and vision care. 

Why choose Experior Financial for your health care coverage

Health Insurance is essential for protecting you and your family. Experior Financial Group associates can help you choose the right health coverage by explaining safeguards from the costs of routine medical and dental treatments, as well as the costs of Disability Insurance and Critical Illness coverage. 

First, you will need to disclose some personal information before Experior associates can recommend the ideal coverage for you. We can offer customized quotes on the top health plans after completing a short questionnaire. Our services cover clients in any region of Canada and our agents will assist you by presenting the right Health Insurance product for you and your family.


The main types of Health Insurance include prescription drug coverage, extended health care and hospitalization reimbursement benefits, and vision and travel insurance to cover “emergency” care while traveling. There are many Health Insurance plans that encompass all of these programs and Experior associates are trained to help choose the right plan for you.

The cost of the health plan depends on age, pre-existing medical conditions, and level of reimbursement of benefits.


Some insurance companies like Manulife have basic, bronze, silver and gold products. Each package has a different level of reimbursement on your prescription drugs, dental services, etc.

Health Insurance services protect you against those expenditures associated with medical treatment. Health Insurance protects your retirement and savings accounts against the cost of medical expenses. It is a legal agreement between you and the insurance provider. You agree to purchase a plan and the insurer promises to pay all or a portion of your medical bills.

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