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Funeral Life Insurance in Canada

Most of us understand the value of life insurance coverage in ensuring that our family can continue to fund their normal costs in the case of our death. The goal is for peace of mind, to make sure you have enough money to pay off your debts and cover expenses so family members do not have to worry about things like funeral costs.

Funeral insurance is a tool that can assist your loved ones in covering the costs and burden of your final arrangements this includes funeral insurance coverage and burial insurance. It is more than just a life insurance policy as it provides all of your funeral and burial wishes. Your heirs will not be wondering what you would have wanted for your choice of end of life celebrations. It’s not just insurance. It’s a pre-planned event that you leave for your heirs.

Funeral Plans are not a form of investment or retirement plan. Its primary and only purpose is to cover costs like memorial services, funerals, funeral service, coffins, flowers, cremation costs or a plot, anything to do with the funeral itself.

Funeral Insurance

Benefits of Funeral Insurance in Canada

Preneed Burial

Types of Funeral Insurance in Canada

Burial and preneed burial insurance are two forms of funeral expense life insurance policies. Having any of these types of funeral insurance plans will help you budget for your funeral/final expenses in advance.

Burial and Preneed Burial Insurance are two forms of funeral expense life insurance policies. Having any of these types of funeral insurance plans will help you budget and plan for your funeral expenses in advance and remove the burden from your loved ones.

Funeral expense life insurance pays for your burial or cremation costs when you pass away. Because many people are unaware that funerals can cost thousands of dollars, they do not  plan ahead. Families or loved ones who must bear the funeral bills may face financial difficulty as a result of not pre-planning a funeral.

Burial life insurance distributes the death benefit of your policy straight to your funeral home. However, if you have a $15,000 burial insurance plan but your funeral costs are only $10,000, your beneficiary will receive the difference to pay for any other final obligations such as unpaid medical bills, legal fees, or any other debts you may owe.

This can relieve loved ones of the administrative burden of planning a funeral during a difficult time. You can work with the funeral home of your choosing to pick, specify, and pay for exactly what you want for your funeral if you choose to obtain preneed insurance. This can help your family avoid making unpleasant decisions that aren’t in line with your wishes. As well it can help to avoid conflict amongst loved ones.

This means that loved ones making the last arrangements must cooperate with the funeral service provider chosen by their loved one before their death. One of the most significant advantages of a pre-need plan is that it lets consumers pay for items that are currently less expensive than they will be in the future. Let us offer you a quote.

Why is Experior Financial the best?

Experior Financial Group is an expert in getting the best funeral insurance quote and policy in Canada. We provide a free no-obligation quote for clients which includes the coverage amount. We not only provide a life policy but also excel at providing the best rates plans. We work actively with different life insurance companies to get the best quote. Our associates are available across Canada to assist individuals with life insurance products and coverage. Contact us today by providing your phone number on our contact us page.

Insurance Brokers FAQ

Life insurance proceeds are tax-free to some extent, but that isn’t always the case. Death benefits aren’t usually subject to income tax, but they can add to the value to the beneficiaries estate and then can become subject to the federal estate taxes.  You may wish to speak to your tax accountant about possible estate taxes for individuals receiving this benefit with your burial insurance plans. It may depend on the province you reside in.

The cost for a funeral in Canada ranges from $4,000 and up. The average is around $10,000.  An Experior associate will complete the expert Financial analysis with our clients to determine the best type of insurance policy. We help clients to make the right decision at the best rates. Contact us for a free no obligation quote on funeral expense insurance or any other kind of life insurance or investment products.

The terms “burial insurance” and “funeral insurance” are interchangeable. Final expense insurance is another name for this type of policy. 

Once the insurance company has authorized the claim benefits are paid within days. We are happy to quote this for you.

Yes, funerals, care fees, and medical expenses can all be covered by insurance for your family members including your elderly parents. 

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