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Final Expense Coverage

Ease the emotional and financial stress on your loved ones and executor once you are gone. Work with a licensed Experior Associate to design an end-of-life plan that will outline all your specific details and wishes for your loved ones. Multiple products designed to make all your important end-of-life tasks uncomplicated and ensure your wishes are honoured without burdening your family.

What is Final Expense Insurance?

Similar to other funeral insurance packages, this insurance plan takes care of your burial and funeral costs. The key difference is that Final Expense can help your family cover any outstanding debts, probate fees, as well as other expenses.

Peace of mind

Relax knowing all your wishes and funds will be handled once you are gone.

Quick & Easy Processing

Claims are processed without probate or unnecessary delays. This means your family will get immediate financial relief often within 24 hours.

Financial Protection

The funds you invest in Funeral Protection are protected meaning lawyers, estate administrators and nursing homes can not touch them.

Why Do I Need it?

Funeral Insurance allows you to decide exactly how and where you would like your end of life to be honoured. You choose all of the details ahead of time, so you do not burden your loved ones with decision-making during their time of grieving.

Dignity and Control

Prepare now and take comfort in knowing that you will reach your final resting place having your specific wishes in place.

Tax-free Benefits

Funeral Protection can become a tax-free benefit when used to fund an Eligible Funeral Arrangement with a licensed funeral provider in Canada.

Executor Protection Plan

An Executor Protection plan allows you to establish a policy value based on monthly expenses and other financial considerations your Executor will be responsible for. When the time arrives, they will receive the benefit right away allowing them to fulfill their duties with minimal stress.  

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