Travel Insurance for Canadian and International Students

Travel Insurance for Students in Canada

Benefits of Student Travel Insurance

While the government of Canada is known for its subsidized medical care for Canadians, the majority of these services are restricted to Canadian pupils and residents. As a result, all foreign learners enrolled in Canadian schools must obtain medical insurance for the length of their studies.

Anything can transpire, from a campus flu, pandemic, or an emergency medical situation. Some travel insurance plans DO NOT PAY for COVID-19 related expenses (check the wording in your policy). When family members accompany a student on a trip, they require separate coverage as the family plan health coverage is more expensive.  Being sick or injured away from home can be very upsetting, so you’ll want to know you’re being looked after. This is where Experior steps in with student travel insurance coverage.

If you don’t have health care coverage, you might be charged higher amounts for doctor consultations. This can be avoided as the insurance company has agreements with specialists to pay substantially reduced consulting costs. Travel insurance coverage may also cover dental benefits while away from your home country. Always check to make sure you have the right benefits at the right price. The lowest cost is not always the best.

Universities and institutions require confirmation of a health plan before fully accepting a scholarship or admission application. However, in addition to considering the new universe of possibilities that could potentially open up for you, you’ll need to consider the administrative side of things as well. Getting the correct insurance benefits is one of the most crucial preparations you can make. There is a large student insurance market with varied types of coverage, so you’ll need to consider the variables, such as the duration of stay, air transportation, air ambulance, and other bills that could arise. You will also need to make certain this coverage will conform to the school’s requirements.

Travel insurance for students in Canada

Government-funded emergency medical services for international students are unavailable in most cases. Additionally, there is a waiting period for landed immigrants. Furthermore, healthcare expenses are normally high and are expected to rise annually. You are responsible to pay your medical costs in the event of a medical emergency. Having a health insurance policy gives you and your supporting family peace of mind.  School is an expensive part of a budget; adding medical expenses on top of that already hefty school bill can seem an overwhelming thought.


Why is Experior Financial your best option for travel insurance for international students?

As a new resident or visitor, you probably have no idea what to anticipate as you begin your experience as a student in a new province or country. At Experior, we care about our clients and work to deliver the best travel insurance coverage possible. One of the benefits of our unique service is the comfort and peace of mind knowing that after leaving your home country, you will be protected for medical expenditures. Whether it be a single policy or a policy that covers your family, we provide the best travel insurance options for students. Our travel assistance coverage can include trip cancellation and emergency care for students in any province and we partner with many insurance companies to get you the best coverage at a competitive price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important for a student to have health insurance when living in Canada?

As an international student, if you are studying or planning to do your academics in Canada, it is critical that you obtain a health plan for the term of your studies. Even though your study visa does not specify that you must have a health plan, your university will request it. Out-of-country emergency medical expenses can cost a lot, and Visitors to Canada travel insurance can actually mitigate these unforeseen expenses.

Can I get health insurance as a student in Canada?

Yes, it is easy to get a health plan with a work or study permit. Having a study permit makes students eligible for medical insurance in Canada. Experior associates are available to help students from diverse countries in achieving their goals. Our advisors will help you in navigating through the policies. Working with an Experior associate allows clients to find the best possible option for their needs and current situation. Our associates find the best products and rates available for them.

Is it important to increase my travel insurance coverage while learning?

Together with our partners, we care about the protection of international students and we provide what you need for expenses coverage. Contact us before your coverage expires.

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