No Medical Life Insurance

What is "No Medical" required life insurance?

Due to those societal developments and conditions related to COVID-19, several insurance companies have eliminated the need for a medical exam and fluids while still providing competitive life insurance rates. In contrast with standard life insurance policies that require medical exams, “no medical” life insurance does not require blood tests, blood pressure results, urine tests, etc. Since testing is not done, the risk is higher for insurers, but with those recent changes in the industry, there is no change in cost to the consumer.

Types of “No Medical” Life Insurance

These plans without the medical examination requirement frequently have coverage limits in place to reduce insurance risk. There are essentially two forms of non-medical life insurance:

Simplified issue life insurance does not require a medical examination, but does include a number of health-related questions. In general, the longer the health questionnaire, the lower the cost of the insurance coverage.

Guaranteed Issue life insurance does not require a medical exam or answers to any health-related inquiries. These plans are available even if you’ve been previously turned down for insurance. The face amount of a Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance policy is usually $5,000 to $50,000. Generally, Guaranteed Issue policies have a deferred period of coverage. This means that during the first one or two policy years, premiums paid (sometimes with added interest) would be returned to the beneficiary if the insured passed away.

How does “No Medical” life insurance work?

At Canada Protection Plan, there are several insurance policies that do not require a medical test. Guaranteed Issue plans are useful for people who have significant illnesses and would  not otherwise qualify for coverage. Guaranteed Issue policies are for anyone who has a severe illness and may otherwise be difficult to insure. 

These insurance coverages are comparably expensive since the insurance company has assumed an increased risk by insuring the client. This “no medical” life insurance is ideal for individuals looking to cover final expenses and potential funeral costs.

Why is Experior Financial the best?

To qualify, answers to medical questions are required despite no requirement  for a paramedical, fluid test, or doctor’s report. The death benefit levels are limited and the premiums will be higher than standard life insurance issued policies. The plans Experior Financial Group associates offer are suitable for those between the ages of 20 to 85 years old. At Experior Financial Group, our objective is to provide great solutions for our customers. We assist families by giving them the best protection at affordable prices, while our brokers work with most of Canadian life insurance companies to provide the best value for your unique needs. 

Because “No Medical” Life Insurance policies differ so widely across Canadian life insurance carriers, it is recommended that you consult with an expert insurance broker to help you determine the coverage that  best suits your needs. To see your life insurance options, you may provide your phone number and email address via Experior Financial Group’s contact form  and a licensed associate will contact you shortly. An Experior associate will be happy to walk you through the application process and determine the coverage best for you. 

In the right circumstance, buying term life insurance without a medical examination is extremely convenient and reduces the time needed between applying for coverage and the policy’s approval.


Yes you can. But it may be dependent on the amount of coverage and the age of the insured, policies for life insurance may not need a medical examination. Sometimes health related questions may be asked. The answers to these medical questions help the insurance provider evaluate the risk and cost of the coverage effectively. No medical exam coverage is fantastic if the insured meets the insurance providers’ requirements. These plans help applicants save application and issue time, whilst avoiding the stress of a medical exam.

For a simplified issue life insurance policy in Canada, the client will have to answer a set of questions, including disclosure of existing health conditions such as e type 2 diabetes, and heart disease/heart attacks, among many other health issues. 

“No Medical” life insurance may result in an increase in premium for the policy. However, this will allow the client to entirely avoid any medical examination, which commonly includes blood and urine tests. These insurance providers only require some answers to those health-related questions to determine your qualification.

In Canada, funeral expenses are expensive and cremation costs have gone up recently with inflation. “No Medical” coverage is great for pre-need plans to cover funerals. The average minimum burial coverage is between $4,000 and $15,000, while more elaborate funerals may cost significantly more.

Yes, smokers are eligible for coverage. Costs of coverage are higher for smokers, so before purchasing your life insurance policy, we recommend verifying your coverage with an Experior Associate.They will help find the most competitive life insurance rates available.

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Benefits of Funeral Insurance

Types of Funeral Insurance

Burial and preneed burial insurance are two forms of funeral expense life insurance policies. Having any of these types of funeral insurance plans will help you budget for your funeral/final expenses in advance.

This is a sort of funeral expense life insurance policy that pays for your burial or cremation costs when you pass away. Because many people are unaware that funerals can cost thousands of dollars, they do not frequently consider planning ahead. Families or loved ones who must bear the bills may face financial difficulty as a result of this predicament. 

Burial life insurance distributes the death benefit of your policy straight to your beneficiary, who can spend the money any way they want after you die. For example, if you have $15,000 burial insurance plans but your funeral costs are $10,000, your beneficiary may decide to utilize the extra cash to cover any final obligations such as unpaid medical bills, legal fees, or any other debts you may owe.

This can relieve loved ones of the administrative burden of planning a funeral during a difficult time. You can work with the funeral home of your choosing to pick, specify, and pay for exactly what you want for your funeral if you choose to obtain preneed insurance. This can help your family avoid making unpleasant decisions that aren’t in line with your wishes.

This means that loved ones making the last arrangements must cooperate with the funeral service provider chosen by their loved one before their death. One of the most significant advantages of a pre-need plan is that it lets consumers pay for treatments that are currently less expensive than they will be in the future.

Why is Experior Financial the best?

Experior Financial is an expert in getting the best funeral insurance quote and policy in Canada. We provide a free no obligation quote for clients which includes coverage amount. We not only provide a life policy but also excel at providing the best rates plans. We work actively with different life insurance companies to get the best quote. Our associates are available in Ontario province to assist individuals with life insurance products and coverage. Contact us today by providing your phone number on our contact us page.

Insurance Brokers FAQ

Life insurance proceeds are usually tax-free, but if the amount left to your heirs exceeds federal and provincial exemptions, they may be taxed as part of your estate. But the whole funeral expenses including cremation are not.

The cost for a funeral in Canada depends heavily on the age and current financial situation of the seniors. But in certain situations, the rates might be low. That is why, an Experior agent will complete the expert Financial analysis with our clients to determine the best type of insurance policy. We help clients to make the right decision at the best rates.

The terms “burial insurance” and “funeral insurance” are interchangeable. Final expense insurance is another name for this type of policy. 

Once the insurance company has authorized the claim, both pre-need and standard plans pay out. This could take days or months, depending on the insurers you choose. Experior Financial answers our customers as fast as possible.

Yes, as long as there is a monetary loss that would be passed on to you if they died, known as ‘insurable interest.’ Funeral, care fees, and medical expenses can all be covered by insuring your elderly parents. This could include a past-due mortgage or other long-term debt. 

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