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No Cost Insurance for your Infant!

Free for the First Year

Low monthly payments after the first year

Comprehensive Protection

Payouts from accidental injuries, refunding medical expenses in some cases

Free Koala Stuffy

Get your free stuffed animal, just because

This baby insurance policy really is, no catch, free for the first entire year! We know that protecting your children is your highest priority, so let us help. Above all, we can help you recover from unexpected expenses from newborns at no initial cost to you.

No Cost!

This Insurance plan, offered by UV Insurance through Experior, is a comprehensive protection policy to protect your newborn baby. Some of the benefits of the baby insurance plan include payouts from accidental injuries, as well as refunding medical costs in some cases! The free koala stuffy is a nice bonus too. We are looking forward to helping you keep your peace of mind

Find out more about childhood injury statistics, and why you should consider an insurance plan for your child

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