Free Insurance for Newborns

No Cost Insurance for your Infant!

Free for the First Year

Low monthly payments after the first year

Comprehensive Protection

Payouts from accidental injuries, refunding medical expenses in some cases

Free Koala Stuffy

Get your free stuffed animal, just because

I’m Interested

This baby insurance policy really is, no catch, free for the first entire year! We know that protecting your children is your highest priority, so let us help. Above all, we can help you recover from unexpected expenses from newborns at no initial cost to you.

No Cost!

This Insurance plan, offered by UV Insurance through Experior, is a comprehensive protection policy to protect your newborn baby. Some of the benefits of the baby insurance plan include payouts from accidental injuries, as well as refunding medical costs in some cases! The free koala stuffy is a nice bonus too. We are looking forward to helping you keep your peace of mind

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My agent has been more then amazing!!!
He took the time to meet with me and evaluate my financial situation and my possibilities.
He really valued me, my opinions and what I was able to afford. Thanks so much for quality advice and service.
Melina Sarah Martin
Melina Sarah MartinClient
My wife was a client first, before we married and had an amazing experience with them. (I am a stickler for great customer service.) That was 2 years ago. I now work for the company so I’m on the inside. It’s been a year and it has only gotten better… Still a great company with great people and great service.
Michael Santonato
Michael SantonatoAgent
I am extremely happy with the tailored service I receive on a regular basis from my consultant. What I appreciate the most is the ability to reach him easily and him taking the time to answer my questions and at the same time educating me about investing and future planning. I highly recommend reaching out if you need a Financial Advisor that will care about your money and you. Online investing might be cheaper in the short term but will cost you a lot more if you aren’t a professional at reading market trends.
G Shah
G ShahClient
In the 3.5yrs+ of being part of Experior’s team I can very confidently say this is the best financial services firm to work with. The support has been incredible since day 1 – leaders, product provides, trainings, head office, I could go on. Our founders and executives work tirelessly to implement changes that help us advisors to serve our clients better and lead our teams efficiently. I am truly blessed to be able to have access and learn from so many great leaders in the industry. Thank you Experior!
Maysoon Mannan
Maysoon MannanAgent
I was an early client of Experior and am very pleased with the service offered by my Advisor. I know my family is prepared for anything and I know that I have the best rates. I used to broker my own insurance and invest through the banks. My Advisor has saved me so much money on fees and my investments have grown much more than they ever did with the banks. We recommend them to family and friends. Great business with Advisors who really care.
Joanna St. Jacques
Joanna St. JacquesClient
Find out more about childhood injury statistics, and why you should consider an insurance plan for your child

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