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Experior Helps You Bring Your Money to Life!

Experior Financial Group Inc. has experienced associates throughout Canada who can assist you in reaching your financial goals. You can have one of our highly trained and licensed agents meet with you to assist you with creating a personalized financial pathway that meets your family’s unique needs and goals. Contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation meeting with an Experior associate in your area. We’ll assist you in getting the insurance coverage you need, investments that work for you in your unique financial situation and so much more.

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Experior Helps You Bring Your Money to Life!

Our success is due to our client solutions, built around our proprietary Expert Financial Analysis software (EFA). It provides our clients with a simple easy to follow Financial Program offered exclusively through Experior Associates.

The EFA provides a clear and accurate analysis of your current financial situation and shows you a step by step plan.


Get out of debt years faster, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in interest and shaving years off your Mortgage and Debt payments.

Savings plan

Set up proper saving plans for retirement, education and future goals.


Help you review your insurance needs including establishing proper coverage amounts and potentially lowering your costs significantly.

Expert Advise
Expert Advise


Yes! When you sign up with us there will be a discount code you can use for your course.
Yes we recognize not everyone can start full time and so we offer a part time option.
Officially we opened in September 30 2019. Our head office is located in Cheektowaga NY.
Yes we have a proprietary CRM for all your needs.

It’s easy to get started visit our careers page today!

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Insurance Needs Calculator

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Coverage not enough?

If your analysis indicates a shortage, life insurance may be the ideal solution to address it.

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